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Carmel Valley Ranch, Carmel Valley, California
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Carmel Valley Ranch

Carmel, California

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Here's what others have had to say about Carmel Valley Ranch.

  • 5-Ball Rating "Carmel Valley Ranch was an outstanding vacation for our entire family. The highlight of the trip however was the private instruction my 5 yr old son had with Coach Ben. Coach Ben made for an unforgettable experience for our son. Within 4 lessons had had him volleying and serving with confidence. More importantly, he took our son's excitement to a new level with his excellent motivational coaching style. Everyday, our son looked forward to the next lesson! We will definitely be back next year for more of the same. Thanks Coach Ben!"—M.W., Beg., July 2020
  • 5-Ball Rating "Carmel Valley Ranch was a highlight of our travels during Covid. What an unexpected and pleasant surprise as the resort and rooms are beautiful. We are tennis players and golfers and had opportunities to play both everyday. The golf course was in fabulous condition and a joy to play. The tennis community was one of the nicest places we’ve been. The staff and tennis pros are genuine, fun and invited us to play with other hotel guests that played at our level. There are multiple clinics and levels for anyone any age. We loved the community so much, we are spending next summer in the community."—T.O., Pro, July 2020
  • 4-Ball Rating "The coaches are positive and diplomatic at all times, making it a fun place for all!!"—T.S., Low Int., March 2020
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—W.M., Pro, March 2020
  • 4-Ball Rating "We went for a long weekend and essentially dropped in for a tennis clinic and stayed for a mixed doubles round robin. We ended up playing again with another couple we met at the round robin. The pro, Ben, was great. Friendly, energetic and super responsive."—D.M., Adv., March 2020
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—S.K., Int., March 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The kids had private tennis lesson at Carmel Valley Ranch with coach Ben. They had the best time at the court. So much laughing and learning! Really recommend!"—P.S., Int., February 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I visited The Carmel Valley Ranch for 5 days. I called ahead and shared that I would be there and would love some tennis. Pro Ben called me THAT evening and shared programming options. Signed me up on the spot for a doubles round robin! While there, he also texted me possible hitting partners and got me signed up for a clinic he conducted. It turned out to have just one more person, so it was "two with a pro." It was an exceptional workout and all the tennis I needed that day! Ben really went out of his way to make my stay there a tennis treat! THANKS, Ben!"—G.O., Adv., January 2020
  • 5-Ball Rating "The Carmel Valley Ranch team is one of the best I have encountered. The front desk staff is helpful and insightful about the grounds and very thoughtful to incoming guests who may not be familiar with the area. The Tennis Professionals and the staff down at the River Ranch were a highlight to my trip. The front desk staff were very friendly and made sure to give me towels as they knew I was going for a swim in the adults only pool. While I was here, I had to play a little bit of tennis as well! Ben and Chris did a great job with the daily clinics, and made sure I had plenty of tennis opportunities during my stay. It was great!"—C.A., Low Int., January 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Very pleasant five day stay highlighted by some really professional tennis instruction in a clinic environment. So many resort amenities make it difficult to find the time to enjoy all the other activities available off site in the general area. Very active experience; really enjoyed my stay."—M.D., Int., December 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Carmel Valley is a favorite go to place. I have stayed many times and have never been disappointed. I often stop in while passing through for tennis clinic and lessons. The team is superb! The group clinics are well attended by locals and guests alike! The club will arrange matches or hitting partners. They do an excellent job of matching you up. The local residents go out of their to make you feel like you have lived there all your life! The courts are clean and well maintained. The clubhouse food is great! Thew pools are spotless and the grounds very well maintained!"—C.P., Int., November 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "We return again and again for CVR’s amenities, setting and fitness. The tennis resort is world class with the BEST instructors and welcoming and lively clinics! Pro Ben Gottenberg, as well as the others, is fun and knowledgeable and always provides a good experience for us. We have attended dozens of clinics, private lessons and mixers and leave wanting to return as soon as we can. There is something to do for every family member at CVR. Highly recommend this resort!"—S.H., Int., October 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—J.R., Adv. Int., September 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Tennis Pro Ben Gottenberg arranged an amazing experience for our small group. We had a blast and learned so much. He even sent notes to everyone so we could take what we learned home. Highly recommended!"—N.E., Int., September 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "My wife and I had a fantastic time at Carmel Valley Ranch. For once I focused solely on tennis instead of golf and was not disappointed. Ben and Chris did an excellent job with the clinics, and Zack did a great job with the Live Ball clinic, mostly with the locals, who were very gracious.. Lots of positive enthusiasm from all involved. Per Ben’s help there might be hope for my serve yet. As a whole Carmel Valley Ranch ranks right up there with any resort (for both tennis and non-tennis players) and we will definitely look to return, with tennis friends included."—T.R., Adv. Int., August 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Carmel Valley Ranch is perfect for a couples getaway or a group vacation. The resort facilities are beautiful and the recreation facilities are excellent. Tennis courts are well-maintained. The adult pool area is also idyllic. I have been to the resort numerous times and have been delighted every time. The tennis staff provides personalized instruction whether it is a one-on-one lesson or a group lesson. Chris and Ben make the experience positive and fun."—K.H., Adv. Int., June 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "I came to Carmel Valley Ranch on a tennis trip. We received instruction from Chris and Ben and it couldn't have been any better! They organized the tennis clinics in such a way that they were extremely helpful and fun. I can't wait to return next year!"—C.C., Adv. Int., June 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Four days of tennis clinics with Chris and Ben couldn't have been better! They were outstanding in their instruction and making you feel welcome!"—C.R., Adv. Int., June 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "This was my ninth year coming to Carmel Valley Ranch with a group of women from the SF Bay area. We love having Chris and Ben as part of that tradition. They are great instructors, great guys and they make the experience such fun while pushing us to make actual improvements in our game."—N.B., Int., June 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Chris and Ben make our annual tennis clinics fun and a wonderful learning experience each time. Not only do we get the group dynamic, they find ways to give us each personalized attention."—T.Y., Adv., June 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Ten women come every year from San Francisco for our own four days of tennis instruction. Chris Myrold, head coach, and Ben, are all you could hope for. They know us (never forget a name from year to year!) -- our games, what we want to work on, our humor. The instruction is thoughtfully planned out for the time we have, provided with clarity and fun, and is serious and doable for our level of play (4.0). We are in awe of the talent, skill and grace these two bring to every moment we have together. What's more, the price is very reasonable, the facility is well maintained amidst stunning beauty, and the entire experience is convivial."—L.S., Int., June 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Fabulous 3.5 day Peter Burwash International (PBI) tennis camp at CVR! Excellent instructions and coaching coupled with high energy drills and fast paced fun games designed to help you work on your new skills. Variety of teaching on fundamentals, technique, and strategy. Great experience, great people, - highly recommended!"—A.T., Int., May 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "I recently went to a 4 day tennis camp at Carmel Valley Ranch. What fun! The instructors were just great. I felt I learned a lot in a very fun, energetic, and supportive environment. We got to hit soooo many balls. My partner is not a tennis player but was included in yoga, tennis meals, and gatherings. He’s planning on picking up a racket now :) I would recommend Carmel Valley Ranch tennis to anyone. The setting is beautiful! The weather is mild and there’re great restaurants and shopping nearby when you’re off the court. Beautiful hiking trails right out of the resort... Carmel-by-the-Sea nearby."—F.K., Adv. Int., May 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I just completed a tennis camp with my friends, and Chris and Ben did not disappoint. Both instructors made our weekend of tennis fun and challenging. They provided us with great instruction, wonderful exercises to help us learn and improve upon specific techniques, and doubles strategy. I highly recommend."—K.P., Int., April 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "My girlfriends and I planned a tennis retreat with Chris Myrold and Ben Gottenburg at CVR. This is our third year returning to the PBI run program. We loved our time with these two pros. They taught us a great deal, and were super upbeat and fun instructors. Overall we had an amazing weekend of tennis instruction and a lot of laughs. I highly recommend setting up tennis weekends at this property with these pros. A top notch experience all around."—M.J., Int., April 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Love, love, love playing tennis with the PBI coaches (Chris & Ben) at Carmel Valley Ranch! Great instruction in a beautiful setting. I’ll be back!!!"—L.G., Int., April 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Attended a two day, 6-hours per day tennis camp at Carmel Valley Resort. My first tennis camp and formal instruction. There were 8 of us, two courts and two tennis pros for the two days. The instruction was excellent and plenty of tennis for the two days. Chris, the pro did a great job of first talking about a skill, strategy or technique and then placed us in game situations to practice. There was never ever waiting around and all the instruction was at the general level of all of our players. There was plenty of feedback and constant review, so the teaching became easy to understand and execute. Several specifics that I was taught and have since used in my post-instruction play is how to serve and volley and how to "jump on" a second serve to put the server in a defensive position. Kudos to Chris, Ben and Bryant for all their patience and instruction. Great sense of humor always makes the days fly by! Carmel Valley Resort was beautiful and we used the pool, jacuzzi and sauna facilities while attending the camp. Small restaurant at the tennis facilities met all of our eating needs. Will I do another tennis camp at Carmel Valley Ranch? Absolutely!!!!!!"—W.C., Int., October 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—T.S., Int., August 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "My wife and I spent five days at the Carmel Valley Ranch in July. We loved the accommodations, the food, the drink, and especially the tennis! Ben Gottenberg was the pro for our clinics and drills. He was excellent as a teacher and as cheerleader for the group. It was really fun and we credit Ben most of all!"—K.B., Int., August 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating "Wow! This was my first experience at a tennis camp so I’ll start with that. But, I must say it couldn’t had been any better! I had some preconceived notion of what to expect but again I was pleasantly surprised by the Instructors, Instuction, and the Resort. Chris, Ben and Bryant had awesome enthusiasm and were very engaging. They all show a passion and love for the sport. They NEVER made any question sound like a stupid question. Likewise with my tennis IQ or ability. The resort is a perfect location at this time of year. Just beautiful weather (June) Cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoon. The resort should have better signage for the tennis courts, we couldn’t find them once we were in the resort gate. The tennis camp offers plenty of tennis time, full of completely attentive instruction. The tennis camp came with a full on dinner after the first day of instruction. They put on a huge spread of meats, cheese,fruit,nuts,hummus,crackers, veggies and Ranch and Blue cheese dip. Followed up with 4 different wood fired pizza’s. Wine included! During our visit the power went out temporarily, so out dessert never came, so they made sure the next day we had our dessert! After our last instruction on Saturday afternoon we sat outside and drank margaritas(from resort cafe) and they served us a delicious chocolate Grenache cake! Even making changes to the menu for my friend that has to follow a gluten and dairy diet. Overall an excellent tennis camp with the perfect location."—J.R., Int., July 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "fantastic experience. Ben (head of private lessons) was awesome, as was our instructor, Bryant. would (and will) go back again!"—R.V., Int., July 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating "I had the pleasure of taking two lessons with Bryant Wei (tennis pro) while on vacation at Carmel Valley Ranch. He was a great coach who helped me improve several parts of my game. Bryant was also a pleasure to hit with and fun to chat with. I highly recommend Bryant!"—B.S.,  June 2018
  • 3½-Ball Rating "I've been to this resort twice and taken lessons from the pros there on three occasions. The most recent visit was especially good. Myself and my wife received great, personable instruction from Ben Gottenberg, and the lesson was tailored to our desired areas of improvement and we had a great time and felt that Ben made improvements to our tennis game in a limited amount of time. We did not feel there were any weaknesesses to the instruction."—J.I., Int., June 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—C.A., Adv. Int., April 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating "My wife and I came back to Carmel Valley Ranch for our third time. We love this resort & the surrounding area! They offer a host of great fitness classes, tennis & golf clinics & nature hikes. We are big into tennis so we took a lesson & clinic with Jon. He is a fantastic teacher & coach. We will be sure to return soon!"—S.W., Int., February 2018
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Learned a few helpful skills to add to my game. Coaches were very accommodating and willing to address questions. They were warm and personable, possessed a good sense of humor to make the clinic fun. The lessons were on target and delivered as agreed. The facilities are set in a pleasant environment. Dinner that was provided was delicious and more than enough for our group. The time spent with the coaches during and after dinner was a wonderful ice breaker. I would return for more clinics but maybe only for 1-2 days and not 3, too exhausted by the third day!"—L.L., Int., October 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Amazingly beautiful + entertaining and engaging coaches + fun + good drills that kept us entertained and engaged"—B.S., Adv. Int., October 2017
  • 4-Ball Rating "Special thanks to pro Chris Myrold. Aside from the great instruction he really helped us dodge a bullet with early notification of the tragic fires in Napa so we could find lodging and make arrangements. Thanks Chris!"—Z.A., Adv. Int., October 2017
  • 4-Ball Rating "I had a great Cardio session a few weeks ago; unfortunately I have forgotten the name of the coach, but I would fully recommend it. A stranger from London, but felt welcomed and included from the outset. Thanks everyone!"—N.P., Int., October 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—C.B., Int., September 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The methodology makes great sense and the instruction is superb and consistent."—Z.B., Low Int., July 2017
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—L.I., Adv., June 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—G.F., Adv. Int., June 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great facilities and highly accommodating staff at the River Ranch courts at Carmel Valley Ranch. Clark and Ryan are excellent pro staff who have great coaching to offer, are very friendly, and make resort guests and club members all feel very welcome and assured of having a very enjoyable time on the courts."—T.D., Adv., May 2017
  • 4-Ball Rating "Beautiful resort. Great for tennis, golf, swimming, hiking, and sky-watching at night because there is no city lights. My son and I took some tennis classes. The instructor, Clark, was excellent. He was funny and made things easy and memorable. The staffs were all very courteous and helpful. The only negative we experienced was the dinner at the Kitchen; they were over booked and we wait close to an hour to get our food. So they need to fix their computer reservation system. Overall, it was very relaxing vacation for us."—J.W., Int., April 2017
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—B.D., Adv. Int., April 2017
  • 5-Ball Rating "This was a fun camp of 12 men and women who were taught by 3 Peter Burwash International Professionals who know tennis and how to teach it! I think everyone in our group came away with new tools to improve their game. The pros were very good, lots of fun and kept everyone's interest throughout the weekend. I thought it was very worthwhile and I will definitely return!"—M.M., Adv. Int., March 2017
  • 3½-Ball Rating ""—M.R., Int., January 2017
  • 4-Ball Rating "The tennis instructors, Ryan and Clark, were exceptional in terms of their instruction and their attitude. I'm a 3.0 player and my husband is a 4.5 player, but Ryan and Clark were able to tailor their program to meet our individual needs. They integrated us with the local tennis community, without any fuss. I needed help with all parts of my game, but especially my net game and my serve. Ryan and Clark very acutely identified my flaws and provided simplified, yet effective tips that have fundamentally made me a better tennis player. Aside from the technical aspects of tennis instruction, Ryan and Clark were kind, positive, focused, funny people who were engaging and encouraging to people of all levels of tennis--in general, they were just good people. One day, I forgot my watch, sweater, and racket at the court, and the next day after having secured my belongings overnight, Clark even changed the grip of my racket for me. The personal attention was incomparable."—L.G., Low Int., January 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—S.A., Int., December 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Carmel Valley Ranch is one of our very favorite tennis destinations! Beautiful setting, superb instruction and great food!"—J.B., Adv. Int., November 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—G.F., Int., October 2016
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—L.E., Adv. Int., October 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The lovely valley setting helps you to ease into "your game". Mine happens to be tennis! The facility was well taken care of and the courts were in great condition. The Director, Clark Corey, was extremely helpful, friendly and attentive. There was a pool, gym facility and small cafe close by on the premise."—S.M., Int., August 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I would recommend CVR to all of my tennis and golf friends. Everything was wonderful: accommodations, dining, staff, spa, weather, golf and tennis. I improved my tennis game with lessons with Fabio and Clark who are exceptional! I cannot think of any weaknesses for this resort. I hope to return very soon."—S.H., Low Int., July 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The 12 hours of clinic over four days was well planned, coherent, and took into consideration the individual and collective goals of all 8 players. The feedback was specific and constructive after each clinic. Especially appreciated was the written summary of the entire four-day clinic with drills that we can practice during the year. I've been coming to these clinics on a yearly basis for six years and have learned something from each one. Clark and Fabio are superb instructors! It was nice to have Chad on the court, too."—R.W., Adv. Int., June 2016
  • 5-Ball Rating "Carmel Valley Ranch continues to get better, which I didn't think was possible. Under the direction of Clark Corey and staff, the instruction, facilities (new adult pool) and generally gorgeous weather make this a near perfect experience."—M.S., Adv. Int., June 2016
  • 5-Ball Rating "Our last year and recent vacation at Carmel Ranch was so fabulous that we are going again next May! The tennis program with director Clark Corey is absolutely exceptional: challenging and educational with opportunities of playing all day long. Clark offers various types of clinics and private lessons along with fun singles or doubles play with the members of the club that are not only great tennis players but so friendly and fun. The tennis complex is nestled in the most spellbinding and picturesque environment among the mountains and valleys of Carmel where the weather is perfect every day with no bugs, humidity or clouds. The dining opportunities are exceptional especially the main dining room with their breakfast, lunch and dinner---never a reason to leave the complex. I am looking forward to returning next year!"—V.W., Adv. Int., June 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—D.D., Int., May 2016
  • 5-Ball Rating "Loved my weekend. Clark and Fabio great pros."—S.N., Int., April 2016
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Fantastic weekend camp and great and knowledgeable coaches. The camp should include a t-shirt to advertise the camp elsewhere!"—N.R., Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Beautiful setting and very accomodating staff. We were rained out on the first day's instruction so i know my group felt that some sort of accomodation should have been given for this, i.e. a small price discount or perhaps a small credit for a future clinic. THe format was great, the pros very informative and personal. I would recommend the clinic to anyone and would go back and hope to go back. My only suggestion to improve would be if they could offer a granola bar and/or some coffee on the morning sessions since these go long. I should have brought my own and they did offer free apples, but it would have been nice to have a quick snack break."—S.S., Int., April 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating "Beautiful resort, lots of activities such as yoga and Pilates classes, and great tennis instruction. Clinics were $40 which I thought was a great price. Court fees however at $60 an hour I find rather exorbitant. If you plan to play a lot of tennis, you should know to budget for those court fees."—M.L., Int., April 2016

    Tennis director Clark Corey responds: I just wanted to clarify that the court fee is $30/hour, not the $60 the guest cited. The clinic price of $40 is correct for our 90-minute clinic, though we also offer a 60-minute clinic for $25.
  • 4½-Ball Rating "My Family and I(kids aged 11, 8, 6) had a great time at the Carmel Valley Ranch. The tennis programs run all day with two excellent coaches and friendly members who also participate in the clinics. My only regret is that I did not sign my kids up for more of the lessons and opportunities with the coaches on staff. For my wife and I, we had a great time taking the morning clinics while the kids were checked into the kids camp."—J.S., Adv. Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "A favorite resort - the rooms are spacious and very comfortable. Hotel staff extremely helpful and friendly. Although a top rated hotel, it is family friendly with activities for everyone. Great hiking trails, too. The tennis facility is beautiful and we had a great arranged game with a local couple who belong to the club which has a fairly active membership. The restaurant is one of our favorites, too."—A.R., Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "We love this resort and tennis program. The two pros are amazingly good and they make it so much fun for the guests of the hotel and the local members. We always feel so welcome and each time we go, it feels more and more like home. The valley is gorgeous, the air perfect for tennis, and the Round Robins could not be more social or lively. They arranged some matches for us and I just adored the clinics I took part in. I really learned so much in just a very short one hour's time frame. The coach even let me practice with the local team at my level. Do go as you will fall in love with Carmel Valley Ranch!"—A.C., Int., January 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "We just stayed for a long NYE weekend and managed to play some fun and competitive tennis. The pro, Fabio, organized a great intermediate round robin with resort guests and members. Fun tennis and he played in and managed to give some great advice too. Courts were in excellent condition and they have 2 clay courts too."—S.B., Adv. Int., January 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I was a tennis guest at CVR for 2 days in late December. I participated in a fun and well organized tennis mixer and also took a lesson from the pro, Clark Corey. Clark was great - helping me work on a specific problem area of my game and offering valuable advice. The courts and other facilities were great. I also enjoyed a great lunch sitting by the fire pit on a chilly day."—J.B., Adv., December 2015
  • 4-Ball Rating "Great setting and instruction- Have returned several times"—P.H., Adv. Int., November 2015
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—S.W., Int., September 2015
  • 4-Ball Rating "Strengths: instruction and availability Weaknesses: Couldn't play more! Great place to learn new and improve upon existing skills. I particularly liked the drills and the focus on all aspects of the game."—R.M., Adv. Int., August 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "If you look for professional instructions to improve your game this is the place to go in California. Clark and Fabio are extremely knowledgeable and friendly coaches. They care about your improvement!!!"—T.C., Adv. Int., July 2015
  • 5-Ball Rating "Had the chance to play on the courts during a recent stay. The tennis area is undergoing some renovations which look to add a lot to the facility when it's done. Had a clinic with Fabio and really enjoyed my time with him. Very patient and had clear directions. Worked on approach shots and spins. The hotel itself is beautiful and really spacious. Rooms are good size and comfortable with comparable service. Smores outside the lobby are not to be missed either."—J.D., Adv., May 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "My doubles partner and I spent 3 full days here getting private instruction, drilling and playing with instruction. The private lessons and instruction were excellent. Some of the best coaching I have ever had in my 55 years of playing tennis. We asked for what we wanted and they delivered over and above for us. The cost was very reasonable. I am a better player for having spent 3 days here and I will go again. I highly recommend the Carmel Valley Ranch for tennis and a vacation stay."—S.S., Adv. Int., May 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—R.D.,  May 2015
  • 4-Ball Rating "An ideal retreat for individuals and families who want to it all... spa, locavorian dining, scenic views, golf, tennis, and kid-friendly. Strengths are resort layout, nightly s'mores, separate family and adults-only pool areas, and generous accommodations. Areas for improvement: Service ranges from OK to great, however, I'd expect it to be consistently great, at the minimum. Expand spa facilities."—A.O., Int., March 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "We just spent a few days at Camel Valley Ranch, 2nd time we came here. It was a blast for our family of four taking advantage of the tennis program. Clark and Fabio were simply fantastic coaches. Both our girls enjoyed the private lessons as did myself. The staff were very friendly, the pros were top notch. Clark even sent a note to the resort chef to make something special for my dinner upon learning that I am a vegetarian. Fabio arranged hitting partners for us too. Highly recommend to anyone who want to spend a few days in a beautiful surroundings while improving your game. We will be back for sure."—S.G., Int., November 2014
  • 5-Ball Rating "I decided to start playing tennis again after quite a few years off from the sport. Fabio and Clark where fantastic instructors for both me and my ten year old son. The resort is fantastic and there is plenty to keep you occupied when you are not on the courts. We will definitely return as soon as we can."—G.F., Int., November 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "This was one of the best tennis trips we have ever taken. The facility was immaculate, the courts were very nice and well kept, as were the grounds and fitness center. But the tennis pros, led by the PBI Tennis Director, Clark Corey, were great. Their professional, service oriented attitude and knowledge of the game was exceptional. We had a great time and we will be back!!!!"—B.B., Adv., November 2014
  • 4-Ball Rating "This is a great family resort with excellent tennis and fitness facilities. It provides the ideal getaway for non players and players alike. Clark Corey, director of tennis, provided daily lessons for our 14 year old son who is a tournament player. Unfortunately there were no other kids his standard. Being able to join a group junior squad of tournament standard would be a tremendous addition to this fabulous resort. The below is the rating of my 14 year old son as he is the only tennis player in the family."—S.W., Adv., July 2014
  • 5-Ball Rating "We loved the activity of the fun area the tennis courts are located. Our family was happy to play tennis, ping pong, swim and do yoga all at the "river ranch" on property. Tennis was our favorite part if the trip, we are all happy and better tennis players from the professionals there and feel lucky to have had time with them."—K.D., Pro, July 2014
  • 4-Ball Rating "Beautiful environment Consistently pleasant weather Great facilities Friendly staff"—S.K., Beg., June 2014
  • 4-Ball Rating "I actually went home and recommended it to several couples at my tennis club. The instruction was clear but not dogmatic, the atmosphere low key and fun."—P.D., Low Int., June 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I had the opportunity to visit Carmel Valley Ranch and had a lesson with Clark Corey and not only did I have a great time we hit a tremendous about of balls. Clark communcates very well and keeps things simple so it is easy to focus on what I need to do to get better. I would definitely recommend Corey and Carmel Valley Ranch."—K.H., Adv. Int., April 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Fabulous setting with pristine views and a gorgeous hotel. This resort offers first class service with a welcoming and country feel. The tennis area is wonderfully staffed with helpful pro shop attendees and great coaches. It is an open and friendly setting with lots of laughter and fun on the tennis courts."—K.C., Adv. Int., March 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—M.B., Beg., March 2014
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—R.O., Int., March 2014
  • 5-Ball Rating "Carmel Valley Ranch is one of my favorite destination resorts for my family. You don't need to leave the resort to enjoy what Carmel has to offer. And that includes TENNIS!
    The tennis courts are spectacular and well-maintained. The club staff are also very friendly and professional, which makes the overall experience positive. Most important, I've had two private lessons with the tennis pros at Carmel Valley Ranch and both times were all excellent. Clark Corey, the tennis pro, observed my forehand and was able to correct and tweak it. He also gave tennis lessons to my three kids and was very patient with them. Great tennis resort indeed for families."
    —J.L., Adv. Int., February 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "A perfect getaway with my tennis team! Clark led a great clinic for us, where we all feel like we learned tips to improve our game. Also, he arranged a fun round robin the next day, where we all played some good tennis and had some fun! The resort is beautiful - the setting is so picturesque! They have a beautiful lodge, pool and the spa is supposed to be great, too!"—L.B., Low Int., November 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Our tennis team went to Carmel Valley Ranch for a girls weekend in November 2013 and had a group lesson (just for the 8 of us) with Clark Corey. He is a fantastic instructor and taught in a thoughtful way. Our team played the round of robin with the locals and other guests the next day and it was a very fun experience."—L.M., Int., November 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Clark was just great! Perfect instruction for our level. Kept it really fun. He has a great personality to mix with everyone. Was very patient with 6 women who were a little unfocused, and still laughing from the evening before. Very good instruction ."—S.D., Adv. Int., September 2013
  • 2-Ball Rating "We have vacationed at several of the tennis resorts which are highly ranked on this website, including multiple visits to some of them. A major reason we came to Carmel Valley Ranch was the positive reviews of the tennis programs. Unfortunately, we found the tennis programming disappointing. The facility prioritizes a local membership and resort guests are given conflicting information by the resort and tennis club about tennis activities. The tennis staff appears to have little interest in attracting resort guests outside of local membership. Adult and junior clinics are weak or nonexistent. It may be that the positive reviews here are with respect to special tennis camp weeks when the resort offers more to tennis players (we did not attend a special camp). Otherwise, the high marks make little sense.
    Also, for those looking for strong tennis offerings in a luxurious resort setting, look elsewhere. The overall resort experience at Carmel Valley Ranch is quite lacking compared to similar types of resorts."
    —A.C., Adv., August 2013

    Tennis director Clark Corey responds: We have sent a reply to A.C. regarding their review and were concerned with the topics that were brought up. To clarify, we offer 11 hours of adult clinics and drills, some of which are level based, as well as 4 hours of social programming per week, a player matching program and special events each month. This summer we offered 7 weeks of junior tennis camps and 2 weeks of sports camps that included tennis. In total this summer we catered to over 1500 people made up of resort guests and club members in our instructional and social programs that include both adult and junior offerings not to mention regular tennis play by resort guests and members.
  • 4½-Ball Rating "My experience on the tennis court absolutely made my visit to the resort. I've honestly never had such a good aerobics tennis class. The instructor and the other players were all such fun!"—D.L., Int., June 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—E.E., Adv., April 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Our time at the Ranch was awesome. The beauty and serenity of the Carmel Valley area was stunning! The hopsitality from all areas of the Ranch was excellent. We played tennis with the PBI pros and went hiking and ate most of our meals at the Ranch. We enjoyed the Spa and just had an incredibly remarkable time together celebrating my wife's birthday.The rooms at the Ranch were very comfortable and relaxing and quiet. A great getaway for us!"—M.S., Adv., March 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Our visit was wonderful. The facility is wonderful...the scenery beautiful. The tennis staff was so friendly...and our workouts were fun while also being instructive. Clark and Rick are just plain fun to be around! This is not our first visit...and it won't be our last. The only negative...even off season prices are very high."—G.K., Adv. Int., January 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—J.C., Adv. Int., October 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "LOVE the Carmel Valley Ranch, especially under new ownership given all the huge improvements they've made. Setting is gorgeous and suites are all large. Common areas have all been hugely upgraded, including the River Ranch where all the sports activities are held. The pros there, Clark Corey and Rick Manning are just FANSTASTIC - our kids love taking clinics and lessons with them and always improve their game. We visit several times a year and the tennis facilities and instruction are a huge draw for us."—K.B., Int., August 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Rick and Clark are amazing tennis instructors. I have taken MANY lessons for MANY years and they are among the best."—C.S., Adv. Int., June 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—M.V., Beg., June 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The Ranch is truly an oasis from the nightly smores to the morning TRX tennis workouts! Top notch service in all areas including spa, reception, food and recreation. PBI Tennis is a special organization understanding and striving to go 'above and beyond' with members and guests. A super family destination which is firing on all cylinders!"—D.A., Pro, March 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great experience!! Rick Manning is an outstanding instructor!! Just getting back into tennis after 20 years and I made more progress in 3 lessons than8 lessons late last year."—R.K., Low Int., February 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I gifted my husband with some lessons for Christmas with Clark Corey. After taking one of the lessons, my husband commented that it was the best lesson he has experienced with any of the teaching staffs -- this includes ones in Florida, Indiana and Hawaii and So. CA. He is looking forward to many more in the future."—J.R., Int., February 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "My wife and I recently visited the beautiful Carmel Valley. We haven’t been there since visiting the beautiful Gardner Ranch 6-7 years ago. However, Gardner has closed in the last few years, and we were looking to play a little tennis while in California. My wife’s tennis game would be limited because she was about 7.5 months pregnant at the time. She also plays tennis much better than I do. (I am an advanced intermediate, in terms of stroke production, but I don’t look smooth.)
    We were staying at the Bernardus a few miles away, and we were excited to hear that Carmel Valley Ranch would be able to accommodate us for some drop-in private lessons. We also heard that the tennis program at the Carmel Valley Ranch was being run by Clark Corey of Peter Burwash International and assisted by a long time Gardner Pro, Rick Manning. We had no idea what Peter Burwash International was prior to booking. However, since the Carmel Valley Ranch was positively mentioned in Tennis Resorts online, we booked some privates with Clark Corey.
    When we got on the court, Clark Corey quickly triaged the situation to help both of us meet our needs and objectives. My wife was looking to mostly get some exercise and to move around on the court. However, my tennis game needed a lot of work. Clark very quickly diagnosed my problems – violent, tense swings, volleys, erratic serve, and poor preparation, among others. However, none of these issues with my game were new to me. Having been to many tennis camps around the country, I was aware of my shortcomings. Other pros diagnosed them as well. Where Clark’s skills came through was to teach me how to improve, which many of the other pros were not able to do. Many pros are able to see what is wrong. Yet, very few know how to fix the problems and clearly communicate the solution instead of “beating the problem to death”. While working with Clark on using the left hand for racket preparation, my wife mentioned that I finally was able to relax through better shot preparation and “look like a real tennis player” on the court, instead of looking like a “tense, violent monster”.
    In addition to being able to explain how to improve, Clark has a very professional and service oriented demeanor. He has a way about him that makes people at ease. He also has a great sense of humor. If Peter Burwash has other pros that are half as good as Clark Corey, we will be very happy to visit their other locations."
    —D.M., Adv. Int., November 2011
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I am a new member, one year, of the River Ranch Club and play almost every Sunday. The facilities are "Four Seasons" like 5 Star all the way. Most importantly, the tennis pros, Clark Corey and Rick Manning, are friendly, professional, and exceptional teachers. Clark's Sunday 10:00am Cardio Tennis Clinic is sure to get your heart pumping and your skills sharpened. Rick's skills clinic on Saturday at 9:00 is terrific as well. We are lucky to live so near to this first class resort and I highly recommend the tennis and resort to families and couples who enjoy golf, swimming, fine dining and / or tennis. Everything about this resort is first class. First class amenities include the River Ranch Pool and Tennis Club, the 18 hole scenic championship golf course, the hotel, the restaurants and the surrounding homes."—S.S., Low Int., October 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating "Nice resort with all the amenities imaginable and friendly staff as well."—R.S., Pro, October 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating "The instructors are exceptional at analyzing your game and making recommendations for improvement. Great communicators."—L.B., Int., August 2011
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Carmel Valley Ranch has to be one of the most picturesque tennis facilities on the west coast, if not in the US overall. My wife and I had a wonderful three days of tennis there this past week with private lessons, clinics, and round robin doubles play mixed in. We followed that with wine tasting and fabulous restaurants in the area. Clark Corey gets top marks from both of us for providing practical instruction that we could apply right away, and will definitely allow us to progress quickly. Without a doubt, we'll be back here soon, and we'll bring our pre-teen kids next time as well."—R.A., Adv. Int., June 2011
  • 5-Ball Rating "This beautiful tennis resort settled in the valley with stunning view of the mountains and surrounding golf course. Playing tennis at this resort is simply heavenly. The PBI tennis program provides excellent coaching, outstanding service and pleasant playing atmosphere. We had the best time at this tennis resort."—W.L., Adv. Int., June 2011
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Clark was the best teacher I have ever had. My game is now 25%better. He also set me up with lots of doubles. We will be back next year."—D.C., Adv. Int., May 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating "Recently renovated under new ownership. The breakfast included deal was great. Since we went in the off-season, our suite was upgraded. It was on the Bluff with a gorgeous view of the valley. The restaurant was very good and seemingly reasonable. We had dinner two nights in a row; decided to explore Carmel-by-the-Sea the third night. Tennis staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating. We enjoyed learning from Rick Manning.  "—E.B., Low Int., January 2011
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—P.K., Adv. Int., October 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The resort's multi million dollar renovation was very impressive. From attending last year what a differnce a year makes! The ammenities were excellent and the staff just as impressive! Tennis Director Clark Corey did a great job with helping me with all of my groups tennis needs. He was organized, energetic and gave a very informative tennis clinic to 16 players. All in all it was a great time that we enjoyed very much!"—R.S., Pro, October 2010
  • 5-Ball Rating "Carmel Valley Ranch has the best tennis facility and staff that I've ever experienced. I have been visiting there in the summers for the past 9 years and the tennis experience has always been the best."—V.F., Int., September 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "great clinics and programs"—L.S., Adv. Int., September 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "This resort is going through transition but will be amazing after all the renovations are done. It's a beautiful setting, wonderful cruisine, and excellent tennis instruction."—B.T., Adv., September 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—L.A., Adv. Int., August 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "the Head professional Rick Manning is an excellent instructor and very entertaining, made vacation and tennis more fun"—C.C., Adv. Int., July 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—L.D., Adv. Int., June 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "beautiful setting and outstanding staff."—C.R., Pro, March 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Carmel valley tennis resort has outstanding suites with a fireplace in the suite,and even a magnifying mirror in the beautiful bathroom which has a huge tub and shower. The grounds are very beautiful with a magnificent landscape of fal colors and rolling hills, A shuttle will take you from the parking lot to your suite or to the tennis courts or the fitness center, to golf or to the restaurants.
    The Rossmoor Tennis Group from Walnut Creek Ca. had 15 people who participatd in 3 hours of tennis daily and enjoyed every moment of it. Clark Corey was a wonderful pro who welcomed us warmly Laura in booking was available and sensitive to our needs. The valley is filled with wineries ,excellent eatteries, trails for hiking and horseback riding and Carmel. Monterey,Pacific Grove, Salinas and Pebblebeach are nearby."
    —B.G., Adv. Int., October 2009
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The scenery was spectacular.The service was impeccable. The room was spacious and well appointed. The courts are well kept. The bar and lounge are fabulous. The food was divine. Cute deer and skinny necked turkeys abound. The swimming pools are a little small but there are plans to enlarge them. I loved it."—S.B., Adv. Int., October 2009
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Our tennis group had a two night getaway at the Carmel Valley Ranch in October 2009. We were very impressed by the helpfulness and professionalism of the tennis staff and we were made to feel very welcome. Our group played from 8:30 to 11:00 each day and look forward to coming back again next year! Great views, beautiful accommodations, good courts in an outstanding setting and perfect weather."—B.B., Int., October 2009
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Tennis heaven via a four-hour purgatory drive from Bakersfield. Rick (warm, understated sense of humor) and Clark (effervescent, irrepressible sense of humor) complment each other so very well as professionals. Together they offer the best in tennis instruction. Each was able to demonstrate exactly what was explained verbally. Rick, in the three lessons we had with him, was excellent with hints and advice. My wife is looking forward to surprising her opponents with some of his secrets. All of the tennis staff were helpful and friendly in arranging matches, answering questions, and just in general.
    The tennis population of the area made for well-attended clinics and drills. And other guests added to the overall quality of the experience. Everyone from rank beginners to 4.5/5.0 players will feel welcome at Carmel Valley. If golf is your thing, I think there is an OK course there as well (wry smile).
    We shall definitely return and stay for more than four days at a time when the U.S. Open does not compete with playing time. The ONLY shortcoming of our stay was the somewhat dated CRT Phillips tv in the room. Flat screen and the tennis channel should be added. Maybe by the time we go back!"
    —G.L., Int., September 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "We just got back from our four day stay at Carmel Valley Ranch. It was such a pleasant place to stay, relax, and of course, play tennis! We took lessons every day when we were there. Both Clark and Rick were great professionals who observed and identified our points for improvement and gave us tips in such a manner that made it easy for us to understand and execute.
    In addition to the resort being such a beutiful place to stay and play tennis, it is close to the town of Carmel-by-the-sea and other attractions just in case you don't want to spend all your waking moments on the court! We had fun shopping in Carmel, going to the aquarium in Monterey, and hiking at Point Los Lobos State Park while we were staying at Carmel Valley Ranch.
    We would definitely consider going back there in the near future!!"
    —M.A., Adv., August 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "We just got back from spending 4 days at Carmel Valley Ranch, in Carmel, Ca. Beautiful setting, fantastic tennis facility. Very nice staff eager to please. My wife and I took lessons from Rick Manning and my daughter from Clark. Great instruction and above all they made it a really fun experience. Can't wait to come back."—J.P., Int., July 2009
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Make sure you check the weather - if you want to play tennis. You should talk to the pros ahead of time and let them know what you want to work on, so they can plan. We had a great time - pros were fun."—V.F., Int., May 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "I stayed here for a 5 days and played every day with the two pros. I was never bored. Both pros had numerous drills and helpful hints for me. I would like to add there was more playing than hints, which is pivotal for a player. I was treated like a VIP. I would totally return just for the tennis. Best tennis advice I have received in a long time.
    I did express interest in other team groups but that never did transpire. That was ok with me as I was very tired so I did not follow up on it myself."
    —E.M., Adv., April 2009
  • 3½-Ball Rating "My wife and I have visited Carmel Vally Ranch for extended stays twice in the last 2 years. It is a beautifull place beautifully and lovingly maintained and we found it to be a place where we enjoy peace and privacy while having easy access to the two wonderfull restaurants, each with its own distinctive elegance and excellently complementary quisines. The suites are wonderfully well and comfortably furnished with 2 fireplaces, great space, and every amenity one wants. With one exception; the removal, ( just since we were there in 2008) of really superbly functioning individual spa pools right on your private deck in amongst the woods is a severe loss to the perfection of CVR.
    The Corporate owners are planning an elaberate Resort Spa which they want you to use so they trashed all of the personal private spas to get you to do so. Personally I know the fancy new Spa will never take the place of what has been lost. A Pity.
    Practically the main reason we came to visit the CVR resort the first time was the prospect of being on a tennis court a lot of the time, and the beautifull tennis complex exquisitely set within Carmel Valley Ranch is a marvelous place to play. There are multiple courts plus a fine exhibition court, and they even have clay courts. The Tennis Program is world class, the tennis lessons that I took were time well spent and really moved my game forward. The Pros are first rate and like everyone we met at the resort they are nice friendly people who are truely happy to help you have a good time which is what we had!"
    —D.C., Adv. Int., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "Beautiful resort, great courts and excellent clinics. I can't wait to go back."—B.M., Adv., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "We had a great time. The courts were in great shape, the people were friendly, and they had plenty of lesson and clinic options."—M.B., Low Int., April 2009
  • 5-Ball Rating "Our tennis team stayed here for some morning clinics and afternoon play. The pros Rick and Clark gave us fabulous instruction, evaluating our games and helping us focus on areas to improve. The accomodations were reasonable and the resort is beautiful. I have been to many tennis resorts and this one was top. I will be back as soon as possible."—S.C., Adv. Int., January 2009
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Rick was excellent. Had a wonderful time and highly recommend this resort. Will be back!"—P.S., Adv. Int., January 2009

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