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Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp: University of Notre Dame

South Bend, Indiana

By Roger Cox, Editor

Head men's coach Ryan Sachire and head women's coach Jay Louderback co-direct this camp for all skill levels. Together they focus on the latest technique, tactics, and strategies by mixing on-court instruction with competitive drills and singles and doubles match play. The final session. a National Camp, adds elements for more experienced players while still accepting those at any level.

Season: June 12-30, 2016

Ages: 8-18

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Rates and Reservations

The first session is a traditional campwhereas the last two sessions are National Camps, which, although open to all levels, are more intensive and focus on more advanced training. For reservations, contact:

Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps | Premier Sports Camps
4885 Shackelford Ct.
Columbus, OH 43220


June 12-30, 2016
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Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp: University of Notre Dame
South Bend, IN

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Here's what others have had to say about Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camp: University of Notre Dame.

  • 3-Ball Rating "My 13-year old and his friend spent a week here during the summer of 2014. The instruction and player level was excellent. The food and the accommodations were not spectacular. The evening activities were non-existent or boring. Overall, they enjoyed their week, however we have been to better camps and it was not worth the cost. We would not return to this camp."—A.B., Adv. Int., January 2015

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