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WarHawk Junior Tennis Camps: UW-Whitewater

Whitewater, Wisconsin

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Here's what others have had to say about WarHawk Junior Tennis Camps: UW-Whitewater.

  • 4½-Ball Rating "My daughter had a great experience at Warhawk Tennis Camp. The coaches were very knowledgable and the junior counselors (college players) were encouraging and always willing to hit. She loved the mix of drill, competition, and social time. She enjoyed the camp so much, it was her 5th consecutive year."—R.H., Adv., December 2010
  • 5-Ball Rating "My son attended this camp and loved it so much he insisted on attending the next 4 summers. He played singles for Brookfield Central High School. He is now a senior in college so he attended this camp, as a camper, years ago. His playing improved every year and he has very fond memories of his time there and developed strong friendships that still remain. I would highly recommend this camp."—M.A., Int., December 2010
  • 5-Ball Rating "I grew up going to this camp. It is one of my favorite childhood memories. The staff is talented and passionate about teaching the game. Lots of tennis through out the week."—K.J., Adv., December 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Outstanding camp. My son is a great player and he has gone to Whitewater for at least four years. High intensity, great staff and he loves it."—K.B., Adv., December 2010
  • 5-Ball Rating "Great Camp. Very Organized. Lots of Fun. Great Instruction. I have twin daughters who attended the Warhawk Camp twice. They loved it. They also attended the NIKE camp at IU. They felt the instruction was better at UWW Warhawk Camp."—D.V., Adv., December 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The Warhawk Tennis Camp was a great experience for me, and I'm positive it would be for any other child as well. When going into my freshman year of high school, I was fully confident when trying out for the tennis team. This camp gave me that confidence. There are players of all ranges at this camp. The staff is remarkable and fun and great teachers."—T.D., Adv. Int., December 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "4 years as a camper: Very good experience. Approximately 8 hours a day on the courts. A lot of information in one week with an emphasis on the mental side of the game. Social activities really add to the game: talent show, bowling, and billiards."—J.B., Int., December 2010
  • 5-Ball Rating "Excellent!"—C.A., Adv., December 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "This is a great camp to allow tennis players of any ability to strengthen their skills."—T.S., Adv., December 2010

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WarHawk Junior Tennis Camps: UW-Whitewater
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Roseman Bldg., Rm. 2005, 800 W. Main St.
Whitewater, WI 53190