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Tennis: Europe

Stamford, Connecticut

Founded in 1973, Tennis: Europe takes juniors ages 13 to 18 on summer tours of Europe, principally to play in the tennis-tournament circuits there, though also with an opportunity to to sightsee, hone their foreign language skills, and absorb other cultures. It also conducts summer tours in New England, Southern California, and Hawaii.

Ages: 13-18

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Tennis: Europe
73 Rockridge Lane
Stamford, CT 06903

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Here's what others have had to say about Tennis: Europe.

  • 5-Ball Rating ""—J.S.,  March 2018
  • 5-Ball Rating "My summer doing Tennis: Europe was an incredible experience. Not only did my tennis game improve tremendously from competitive tournaments and daily practices, but I got to explore the West Coast and bond with new friends all throughout the trip as well. The coaches were extremely nice and qualified for their jobs, and tried to accommodate our needs as much as possible."—A.S., Adv. Int., January 2018
  • 5-Ball Rating "I spent a few summers with Tennis Europe, 2 summers as a player and 1 summer as an assistant coach. As a player, I enjoyed the balance of tennis and exploring Europe. My game improved tremendously from the tournament experience and the coaching. Socially, it was great being able to travel around and experiencing new cultures and new cities. I have remained friends with many of the players throughout the years. From a professional perspective, the coaches are very on top of supervision- we knew where the kids were at all times. The itinerary is so well planned out and organized as well. The staff at TE are extremely professional and are complete experts. I have also maintained my relationship with Gary the co-founder throughout the years. I never expected TE to have such an impact on me. I become much more independent and mature after my TE summers. I would HIGHLY recommend a summer trip. It is an incredible experience and a great organization to be a part of."—R.K., Int., December 2017
  • 5-Ball Rating "I went on Tennis: Europe for 2 summers and I absolutely loved it. My first year I went to Spain, Switzerland and France, and my 2nd year, I traveled all the way to Australia. Both experiences were once in a lifetime for me. I got to play tennis all around the world against so many kids my age from other cultures. I made some great friends on my trip that I still speak to 10 years later. The staff members were excellent. They were very knowledgeable about the sport and were great leaders in the foreign cities. All the tournaments that we played in were organized really well. Great competition and fun! The overall experience was a perfect balance between playing tennis and seeing the world. I wish I can go back and do it again. I highly recommend this program to anyone aspiring to be a better tennis player and gain life experience."—J.S., Adv. Int., December 2017

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