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Reed Anderson Tennis School, Mission Hills Country Club, California
Courtesy Mission Hills Country Club

Reed Anderson Tennis School (No Longer Operating)

Rancho Mirage, California

By Roger Cox, Editor

The Reed Anderson Tennis School has operated in the desert for more than three decades, most recently at the Mission Hills Country Club. The venue affords his students access to the Country Club's 33 hard, clay, and grass tennis courts as well as to its 17,000-square-foot clubhouse and fitness center and to its three 18-hole golf courses, with the option of staying at a condominium within walking distance of the courts or elsewhere in the Palm Springs desert.

Kevin Pilon found out about the Reed Anderson Tennis School by accident, when business took him from his home near Hartford, Connecticut, to Palm Springs, California. But he was so taken by Anderson's approach to teaching that he came back on vacation five months later, this time with his wife and teenage son, bent on doing another three days of the school.

"He gives you only one thing to think about, but that correction somehow fixes the other six things that are also wrong," Pilon says of Anderson's instruction. "And beyond that I like the format, the mix of drills, thought, strategy, and then playing. For me, that works."

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A former college and satellite player, Anderson has logged more than two decades on the teaching court, Reed Anderson Tennis School, Mission Hills Country Club, Rancho Mirage, Californiaincluding a stint in Lake Tahoe the 1970s with Billie Jean King and Dennis Van der Meer's TennisAmerica program. He's run his own school since 1982. All that experience has made him a gifted diagnostician, a man who, as Pilon discovered, sees through to the essential flaw and focuses on that.

Yet Anderson is not a exactly household name, even in households full of tennis players. One reason he isn't is, paradoxically, one very good reason why he deserves to be: Anderson has allowed his school to grow to the point where it's profitable yet not so large that he can't get to know and personally help every student who comes to him. He has long used ball machines to feed so he and his pros can work directly with students on their side of the net. "The older I get the more I realize you have to do certain things to hit the ball right," says Anderson.

Nevertheless, he eschews any particular system, preferring instead to adapt his teaching to each individual. "I think I'm more flexible than ever, no schedule, no program," he adds. "My real skill lies in getting the most out of people's games. People leave and they're hitting the ball better but they don't realize what happened. They don't think I've changed much but I've changed a lot." He's also unusual in stressing play almost as much as technique. A three-hour session typically devotes half the time to instruction and drills and the other half to supervised doubles with advice on strategy and tactics.

From October to May, Anderson offer two-, three-, and five-day packages with the option of three or five hours a day of group instruction. All of his clinics have a spontaneous feel, as if he altered the drills and approach as he went along, making things up to suit each particular group and, perhaps, his own mood. Rather than lecture during water breaks, Anderson lets the conversation wander wherever the group wants it to go. It may start with observations about the pros or questions like "What's the one word that describes your state of mind in a match?" but almost never ends with tennis. Pilon finds that refreshing. "I like the relaxed talk between drills about sports, tennis, life," he says. "After three days with Reed I felt like we'd gone to college together. We got into a lot of stuff."


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Reed Anderson Tennis School (No Longer Operating)
Mission Hills Country Club
34-600 Mission Hills Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

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