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NIKE Junior Camp: Duke University

Durham, North Carolina

By Roger Cox, Editor

Dominated by the 210-foot Gothic spire of Duke Chapel, this stunning campus provides a picturesque venue for the single high school session offered in July. Duke women's tennis coach Jamie Ashworth directs the program on the campus's 12 outdoor and six indoor courts.

Season: June 11-July 6, 2017

Ages: 9-18

Rates and Reservations

Rates on request.

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For Information and Reservations:

NIKE Junior Camp: Duke University
c/o NIKE Sports Camps, Inc.
750 Lindaro Street, Suite 220
San Rafael, CA 94901
Toll-free: 800-645-3226
Fax: 415-479-6061
Web Link: NIKE Junior Camp: Duke University

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Here's what others have had to say about NIKE Junior Camp: Duke University.

  • 2-Ball Rating "My 14 year old daughter and her good friend attended the week long tennis camp at Duke the summer of 2012. Currently my daughter trains thru a local park & rec program because we just can't afford anything else. We are not a well off family by any means so the cost was something that we had to save for, but "it's Duke, so it must be worth it right?" NOPE. Both girls felt like the camp was over priced for the level of instruction and attention that they recieved. I was so disappointed to hear that my daughter and her friend left the camp not feeling like they learned anything or got any better instruction than they get from the Park & Rec program that they train at.
    The biggest disturbance for me was the behavior of the camp counselors. fights between the male counselors over a female counselor,and they took my 14 year old daughter along with the other female campers to see the rated R movie "Magic Mike",Can you believe that!! Long story short, I would not recommend this camp."
    —C.S., Int., November 2012

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