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El Cid El Moro Beach

Mazatlan, Sin. Mexico

By Roger Cox, Editor

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5-Ball Rating Tennis Staff
5-Ball Rating Instruction
4-Ball Rating
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4-Ball Rating
4-Ball Rating Lodging
3-Ball Rating Spa & Fitness
3-Ball Rating
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4-Ball Rating Other Recreation
4-Ball Rating Setting
3-Ball Rating
3-Ball Rating Solo Travelers
4-Ball Rating

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El Cid El Moro Beach
Av. Camarón Sábalo S/N Apartado
Mazatlan, Sin. 82110 Mexico

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  • 4-Ball Rating "I traveled alone to Mazatlan to attend Steve's tennis camp to enjoy the sun, the ocean and improve my tennis. I was not alone for long! I met a great group of people with whom I played tennis for five days, dined, explored the city, soaked up the sun, and swam in the ocean. The tennis instruction was excellent and we did some drills and games that I have never seen before. Lots of fun! The three pros offered personal tips along with the group instruction which had a ration of 1:4. Each day we had three hours on instruction in the morning, covering all aspects of the game including shots and strategy. I will definitely recommend Steve's Wild West Tennis Camps to my tennis playing friends."—K.M., Int., February 2009

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