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Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre
Courtesy Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre

Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre
At Grand Palladium Resort Costa Mujeres and TRS Coral Hotel

Isla Mujures, QR Mexico

By Roger Cox, Editor


(5 Reviewers)
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Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre

Vialidad Paseo Mujeres
Isla Mujures, QR 77400 Mexico
+1 917-341-2197
Web Link: Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre

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Here's what others have had to say about Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre.

  • 4-Ball Rating "If you want a different kind of experience from the usual hard court play, you might review the offerings at the Rafa Nadal Tennis Center at the Grand Palladium Resort Hotel near Cancun. The tennis facility was well kept with clay courts that were groomed each morning. The small tennis office had a helpful staff with rackets and towels and cold bottles of water for tennis players. A small bar served coffee and snacks and fruit and later on drinks for those needing more hydration. Even though the tennis took place under the canopy it was a sweaty experience and the coaches can make it as intense as you can take if you ask them. The instructors were excellent players of course and they were good at working with different skill levels in the same group of players. In addition they seemed to enjoy teaching tennis which is not always the case with high level players. You will not spend a lot of time hitting easy feeds but playing with other campers at your level or a bit above. Often the instructors would step in and play one against one or one against two and raise the level and the heart rate for extended rallies that continue for fifteen or twenty shots. Each day the people in the group changed some and while the levels varied all of them were fun to hit with and fans of the game of tennis. I liked that the tennis balls were lively and that there were bottles of ice water next to the courts. I also lost eight pounds over three days. The advice from the staff to take the ferry to Isla Mujeres for a day was a highlight of my stay. Rent a golf cart and go see the town and the ocean views. Having been to Saddlebrook and some other intense tennis centers I would recommend the Rafa operation for players rated 3.5 and above. Bring extra shoes and tennis clothes because there is no laundry and you will work up a sweat fast. Clay court tennis shoes are not required. Slippage was minimal and fun was maximal for me. Your mileage may vary but if you like tennis you will like this place."—T.G.,  August 2022
  • 4-Ball Rating "My wife and a participated in the 3-day Premium tennis program which involves 2-1 ratio of guests-coach. The coach, Reuben, was terrific - enthusiastic, excellent communicator, extremely knowledgeable and a great ambassador for the Rafa Nadal teaching philosophy. The program is only 2 hours per day but is high intensity, especially in the 2:1 situation and in serious heat, and was enough for us. The teaching philosophy is different from other programs and involved high intensity, “live ball drills” as opposed to being fed balls as is customary in some programs. The emphasis was on hitting the right TYPE of shot rather than technique (although he did make some technical suggestions when appropriate). For example, drills involved hitting 8-12 consecutive balls varying the type of shot from deep cross court forehand followed by short forehand down the line followed by deep cross court backhand followed by short backhand down the line. Exhausting but great. That said, there are a few kinks in this new resort that require refining. After we booked the Premium program and paid for our flights, we received an email saying they were sold out for the Premium Program. To their credit they relented and honored their original commitment but it required several anxious emails. Three of the courts are covered which is great in the heat but the white color on the “roof” is a poor background for visibility and we found we had trouble “picking up” the ball off that background. Our coach agreed. Maybe change color slightly? Finally, a minor but annoying point, when we were collecting the balls in between drills, there were not enough of those plastic cylinder things to pick up balls so I had to bend over and pick up hundreds of balls with my aging bare hands. Was thinking I should buy one and donate it to Rafa! In short, given Rafa’s legendary attention to detail, I don’t think his Academy has quite perfected all the details. We’d definitely come back!"—C.T., Adv., January 2020
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Stayed at this resort in the Spring of 2019. Resort is new and beautiful. We stayed in the adults only section which is a good 15-20 minute walk to the tennis courts. However, there are shuttles (even boats) that you can easily grab to take you where you want to go. Tennis center is very nice- new. Upper area is a Nadal Museum with memorabilia. There are 3 covered clay courts, a single stadium court and about 3 other outdoor courts. It was not crowded and very easy to book courts. They did not offer match play or set up any tennis for guests. Facility is all clay courts- not hard courts or grass. We went to one clinic- it was "ok". Nothing exceptional. But very friendly staff with energy. Resort is all-inclusive. Very clean. Friendly staff. Food good for all-inclusive. Lots of options and entertainment. We paid extra to upgrade to a two-story room with hot tub on balcony. Worth every penny. Room service very slow but it was a great option. I would definitely go back but since courts are all outdoor I would consider the weather when booking a tennis vacation. It gets hot! We played early mornings and had no issues."—B.B., Adv., October 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "I recently stayed at the TRS Coral Resort in Costa Mujeres, part of the new Grand Palladium complex built there. I participated in a 3-day premium tennis clinic at the new Rafal Nadal Tennis Centre. It was supposed to be for 1-2 people, but I was lucky as I essentially got a 3-day private clinic. I went at the end of February, and I think the facility opened at the beginning of December. It wasn't that busy yet, as I think they're still growing the program. The tennis facilities are new and super nice. There are 3 covered courts that they use primarily for teaching which is nice, as it doesn't get as hot underneath the Mexican sun. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and it was easy to book courts to play, when not in the clinic. I don't think the resort is known as a tennis destination, as I saw very few people actually playing tennis who stayed there (it felt like it was the same 5 people that were there each day I went). However, the plus side of this, is that the resort definitely feels like a vacation destination and you can happily take a friend or significant other who may not play tennis but will still enjoy their time at the resort. In terms of the teaching, my only quibble was that it would have been nice to have the same instructor for all 3 days, as the instruction was a little disjointed between instructors (even though they said they shared notes). I'm still not sure what the Rafael Nadal program is, as it felt more like a regular clinic/lesson. That being said, the instructors I had for the 3 days were excellent, particularly Hector who was so patient and very good at breaking down the instruction into simpler steps. Overall, the tennis instruction and facilities were on par with any of the best facilities in the US, in a beautiful resort setting. You can have your vacation and tennis camp in one - the best of both worlds!"—M.C., Int., April 2019
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Nice variety of high energy drills and skilled instructors in pleasant surroundings. The tennis center is a new facility with 8 excellent red clay courts (3 covered although background in these needs improvement), a cafe, store, locker room and small museum of his memorabilia and other sport exhibits. The fitness center is located in the hotel. The hotel complex is located in a newly developed section of greater Cancun, a 15-20 minute drive from the main town. A nice feature is that one doesn't have to stay at the hotel associated wit the tennis complex but can drive to it from other hotels or houses. I would recommend it to friends. It has a variety of programs for all ages and levels."—M.B., Int., April 2019

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