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Photo of New England Tennis Holidays at Waterville, Waterville Valley, NH
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New England Tennis Holidays at Waterville

Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

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Here's what others have had to say about New England Tennis Holidays at Waterville.

  • 3½-Ball Rating "Highly recommended. Lots of detailed instruction and feedback on my individual strengths and weaknesses. They videotaped some aspects and then went over the videos with us individually which was a huge help. I came away with a few good pointers to work on. It was also a lot of fun; I didn’t want it to end! Will definitely be back next year if possible."—J.P., Low Int., October 2023
  • 5-Ball Rating "Great tennis, great fun!"—S.K., Low Int., October 2023
  • 4-Ball Rating "JJ and Duncan were wonderful, very personable and great instructors! Would recommend!"—L.M.,  October 2023
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Thumbs up. Great instruction, fun atmosphere. Highly recommended."—J.P., Adv. Int., September 2023
  • 5-Ball Rating "What a great weekend we had with Duncan and JJ in stunningly beautiful Waterville Valley. Their instructional approach hits the right balance in finding a few take home points for further attention, without sacrificing fun on the court. Nor do they overload players with a long list of what to do differently, which I find can inhibit actual learning. It’s the next step that they focus on, something achievable in the near term. The on-court instruction was nicely enhanced by worthwhile video sessions, better than most I’ve experienced in the past. Overall, New England Tennis Holidays is highly recommended, and I doubt anyone will be disappointed."—F.R., Int., September 2023
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Duncan and his staff were excellent; gregarious, knowledgable, enthusiastic and encouraging - all the qualities one would hope for in a tennis coach. The drills were well thought out and executed, balancing work and fun. Duncan, Eric, Rob, Duncan and JJ all used different methods but they meshed well and they were able to accommodate a myriad of levels amongst the participants. The setting was superlative. Red clay foreground and majestic green mountains for a background. Duncan was available at odd hours and went the extra mile, accommodating me and my wife's lodging questions. He even had excellent dining recommendations. My only regret is that our stay wasn't longer."—J.S.,  August 2023
  • 4-Ball Rating "Fantastic Coaches!! They want to.make sure you take home the things you learned! Great variety of drills and games!! 4th coming here!"—B.F., Int., August 2023
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Our group had a great experience and learned a lot about our strengths and weaknesses. Being videotaped was very helpful with an expert pro highlighting what we were good at and what we needed to work. Nice group of pros and participants with a great up beat attitude. We are looking forward to going again next year!"—J.M., Int., August 2023
  • 5-Ball Rating "Thoughtfully organized program, experienced coaches, good ratio coaches per campers. Sticking to time, providing video analysis and customizing the experience as much as possible so that every participant could get away with something specific to work on. Fun, entertaining, great value for cost. Great location, good food (lunch) options and overall great atmosphere. Can't point weaknesses as have not been to other camps yet so nothing to compare to."—K.K., Low Int., August 2023
  • 5-Ball Rating "Amazing tennis weekend! Gorgeous location, great coaching staff & programming and a really nice and friendly group of attendees. Coach to player ratio was wonderful and video swing analysis was also very helpful. Great value for the money and looking forward to returning!"—J.H., Int., August 2023
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—C.B., Int., August 2023
  • 5-Ball Rating "This was the perfect tennis camp/holiday we were looking for. The instruction was excellent and very personable. The location was beautiful. This accommodations are clean, convenient and fine. They are not high end, but you come to this program for the excellent tennis which renders any quibbles with the accommodations moot. We loved it and plan to return again and again and again......"—M.S., Adv. Int., August 2023
  • 4½-Ball Rating "We love New England Tennis Holiday! Duncan and his team of pros are very knowledgeable and fun! Days are well planed, with just enough predictable structure and variety. Videotaping and providing feedback on a shot of the day is their specialty. Ratio of pros to campers is always excellent. Highly recommend!"—A.L., Int., July 2023
  • 4-Ball Rating "My husband and I have attended many tennis camps and both agree that Duncan's instruction is by far the best we have experienced. His friendly, upbeat attitude, patience, and the variety of drills and games offered made the five hours of daily tennis fly by. Plus, the setting is truly beautiful -- we plan on returning!"—M.M., Int., June 2023
  • 5-Ball Rating "I had a great experience participating in a tennis camp in June 23. The tennis courts have a fabulous view of the mountains. Playing on clay courts with greenery and mountains on all sides is a spectacular experience. The tennis lessons are well organized. Many activities are available outside tennis. Overall a great experience."—P.N., Int., June 2023
  • 4-Ball Rating "My first time attending a 3-day clinic at NETH and the camp surpassed my expectations. Each morning focussed on a particular technique and was reinforced throughout the day and with afternoon point play. The biggest takeaway for me was the video analysis of the key strokes and I learned a lot about how to improve my play. The session was full with other tennis enthusiasts and the level of play was very competitive. Duncan, JJ and Nick all worked well together, providing individual corrections where needed while keeping the sessions light and fun. I look forward to returning in the future."—K.W., Int., June 2023
  • 4½-Ball Rating "NETH under Duncan is completely revitalized and an outstanding tennis experience. The Pros are fantastic. They keep it fun and challenging, and they really care about you getting better. They video you and critique your form (nicely!), they give you drills, they set up point drills, and they have you play matches. The "Beat the Pros" warm-up drill is a camp favorite. Lots of running around, but also with purpose. The setting is amazing, surrounded by mountains, and the courts are well maintained. The accommodations are mostly for skiers, so pretty basic. I highly recommend for most anyone. Absolute beginners can be accommodated I think, but it's probably not going to be that much fun unless you've had a few lessons before you get there. Overall, I can't say enough good things about the place, especially since Duncan took over last year."—S.W., Adv. Int., April 2023
  • 5-Ball Rating "Been attending NETH for a number of years with the same group of friends. Wonderful instructors, great tennis, and a gorgeous setting. 100% recommend."—M.N.,  April 2023
  • 4½-Ball Rating "First time at Waterville was last year, but heading back again this year. Duncan and the staff are fantastic and really make for a great getaway. Lots of tennis, laughs, inclusion at whatever level you need. They find a way to include all different levels and keep it challenging. Want to be in a great setting? They have that aplenty; try to stay focused on the ball though. The staff will mix it up and make sure as an individual or a group you are all having fun. Everyone in our group wanted to book next year while we were still there."—M.P., Adv. Int., April 2023
  • 5-Ball Rating "Everything is exceptional about NETH. Duncan and his staff did a superb job during a three-dasy camp that my three doubles partners and I attended. Anthony and JJ are excellent instructors who took the time to work with each of us individually, as well as a group. Can't speak highly enough about them."—C.M., Adv. Int., June 2022
  • 5-Ball Rating "I really love this place! It's not too far. 2-1/2 to 3hours drive from Providence. The mountains in the background look so wonderful. I like the different drills they have which help us with different parts of our game. They also do video's of us executing our forehands, backhands, serves. This is so good. It really helps to understand what you can improve since you can see this on the video. I really like it there and have been going 10 years I think!! I recommend it highly."—K.G., Adv. Int., June 2022
  • 4-Ball Rating "Duncan and his assistants JJ and Anthony, provided some of the best coaching we have ever had. They are all very nice, know how to give constructive feedback that wasn’t overwhelming, make the drills/games fun and have tennis tips that most of us had never heard before. It blew our minds how much we learned on the first day, then the second day surpassed the first! Gorgeous, peaceful area with so many things to do outside. Must stop by the DAM Brewhouse in Campton good; Mad River Coffee has excellent coffee and food."—A.M., Adv. Int., May 2022
  • 4½-Ball Rating "This is our third tennis camp with New England Tennis Holidays!!! We LOVE their program!! It’s so much fun and outstanding instruction!! Dave, Chris and Duncan are great tennis teachers and we learned so much!! So grateful to have this wonderful experience!!! Thank you to Kurt and Clare!!"—T.K., Adv. Int., October 2021
  • 5-Ball Rating "Excellent instruction with plenty of individual coaching within the group setting. The coaches were very knowledgeable, accomplished and patient with the variety of skill levels in the camp. The drills were diverse, skillful and fun. Because of rain, we used the indoor facility which was very nice. In pleasant weather, I can picture how the mountain setting surrounding the outdoor clay courts provides a beautiful back drop. We stayed at the Valley Inn. The accommodations were very nice and reasonably priced."—D.M., Int., October 2021
  • 5-Ball Rating "This was the second NE Tennis Holidays Camp that I have attended in 2021. The program was over 3 days and had daily focus on specific types of shots and different play situations. The instruction is very precise with individual feedback that builds on what you are currently doing well, rather than a wholesale retooling of your game. The camp is held on the red clay courts in Waterville Valley NH, a tremendously beautiful location and had 2 indoor courts that were used on the last day, due to rain."—M.O., Int., July 2021
  • 5-Ball Rating "Terrific time at NETH at Waterville. Coaches were excellent and really knew their stuff. Beautiful setting, red clay courts and a good indoor facility - we had one day of rain. Probably the best instruction I've ever received, complete with video analysis of FH, BH, volley & serve. Instructors were friendly and encouraged everyone to have fun while making insightful adjustments to strokes and footwork. Overall, an A++ experience."—G.D., Int., July 2021
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Everyone is there for the same purpose, to get better and perfect your skills. The team staff was extremely experienced, they kept the tennis moving along from day to day. This was my first experience for tennis camp and I along with my 3 wonderful ladies had a fabulous time. I believe moving forward we will be doing this camp every year! Great people and professional!."—D.B., Int., July 2021
  • 4-Ball Rating "The lodging exceeded my expectation. Everyone was extremely nice and friendly. The facility was not the modern style but was kept meticulously clean. The tennis camp was an excellent experience. All the pros are very helpful and provided valuable suggestions on all sorts of little things to improve our games. These are things that I was not aware of but that little tweak made big difference in control and skill. I would recommend the New England Tennis Holiday camp to anyone who is looking to improve their tennis games. Kurt and the entire staff are exceptional."—C.Y., Int., July 2021
  • 5-Ball Rating "Great coaching staff! I learned so much in such a short amount of time. The courts were beautiful with amazing views of the NH mountains. We stayed at the Valley Inn in one of the two bedroom units and it was perfect for our small group to enjoy some rest and relaxation after a full day of tennis."—H.C., Low Int., July 2021
  • 4-Ball Rating "This is a great tennis camp! The pros are excellent very friendly, professional, and make the 5 hours of tennis camp very enjoyable. The pros should separate those that travel with other people so people can play with everyone and not the same people."—D.D., Adv. Int., June 2021
  • 4-Ball Rating "The program was very organized and welcoming. Felt like I was able to improve my skills."—M.L., Low Int., June 2021
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—P.Z., Adv. Int., May 2021
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great, fun atmosphere. Friendly, knowledgeable pros. Great video assessments. A+ for all the pros. They know their stuff and work hard to improve your game."—S.G., Adv. Int., September 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Instructors are talented, fun, engaging, kind, and they always remember your name, too! Instruction is phenomenal and the ratio of pros to students is very good. You are most always playing or learning. The video recording used for additional instruction is extremely helpful. It is used on multiple strokes. I am a return customer and will continue going as long as NETH is around (and as long as I'm around, too!)."—L.G., Int., August 2020
  • 3½-Ball Rating "These professional tennis instructors made it fun! They gave a lot of great pointers! They gave great instruction on stroke technique and they were very articulate in what you need to change. They gave us things to work on to improve our tennis game. They video taped our strokes and discussed what we did right and where we need to make changes. I would highly recommend their tennis camps!"—J.F., Int., August 2020
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Decent tennis camp. Attendees tended to be 3.0-3.5 seniors. Location /setting perfect for late summer. Instruction was pretty basic. Camp would have benefited from the use of 3 courts v 1-2 since 12-13 participants."—R.G., Adv., August 2020
  • 4-Ball Rating "Good three days of tennis, skilled pros. Well maintained courts. Wonderful use of video app. Great player to pro ratio! Provided breakfast light on protein, lunch was too heavy, no restrooms at the court. All in all New England Holiday Tennis made tasty lemonade from COVID lemons. Will try to attend Sugarbush next year."—H.S., Adv. Int., August 2020
  • 4-Ball Rating "My husband and I were at the tennis camp for two and a half days of instruction. I had gone before, and this was his first time. The coaches are very knowledgeable and good at explaining the different strokes/techniques. The small group size was nice, especially because of COVID. What we really liked, was the videotaping of our strokes and the feedback that followed. A picture's worth a thousand words! we would highly recommend this experience."—W.G., Int., August 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating "This was our third year in a row. Talented, energetic, fun tennis professionals!! Super positive. It's really a spectacular staff!!! We always come away with tips and things to work on. Other campers are also fun and supportive. The facilities are exceptional. Waterville is scenic, but limited food options."—C.A., Adv. Int., July 2020
  • 5-Ball Rating "Clare Grabher has done exceptional for arranging a 2020 summer season, when it looked like there would be none. Everything about the weekend was beautiful !! The instructors were high energy and fun and knew how to meet the variety of needs for our group. JJ is a magical instructor. Chris had an extensive skill set. And Duncan's instruction was relaxed and insightful. The food at the Coyote Grill was top notch. And it was great being with a small group of friends from my home town. Getting video-taped was extremely helpful and a positive experience. And JJ's trivia questions were outstanding. I also loved using the hot tub and pool after a long day of tennis. I can't wait for my next tennis camp!!"—M.G., Int., July 2020
  • 4-Ball Rating "This is my 3rd year attending an NETH tennis camp. the setting is beautiful, with views of the mountains from the court. The courts are very well maintained red clay. The level of instruction is exceptionally outstanding. There is a well designed progression of instruction, interspersed with short sessions of various game drills. No one is left standing idle for long periods, yet the instructors are also alert to the general energy level of participants and while they do push, don't push too far. A particular feature of this camp is the video analysis. JJ in particular is very adept at analyzing both good points in a particular stroke, as well as narrowing in on a few weaker aspects and describing how to specifically improve on them. Duncan's laid back energy contrasted well with Chris' spark plug. Both also gave excellent feedback and suggestions. They also commented on court coverage and doubles strategy. Highly recommended!"—C.F., Low Int., July 2020
  • 4-Ball Rating "If you're afraid of the 2-day camp being too physically tiring, don't worry, because the staff [of New England Tennis Holidays] do an excellent job of spacing out the instruction with the practice /drills. Also, Waterville Valley courts are clay, which helps a lot with recovery time. They were very well organized and because of that, fit in a great deal of instruction, covering all strokes and much strategy. There was even some individual instruction based upon a video I just wish we could have had more competition, even if only for a set, with doubles or singles. It would have been great, too, to watch the instructors play against each other a bit."—N.P., Int., April 2019

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