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Longhorns Tennis Camp

Austin, Texas

Michael Center, the University of Texas head men's tennis coach and Howard Joffe, the head women's coach, co-direct these summer sessions on the University of Texas campus in Austin assisted by assistant women's coach Courtney Dolehide. They focus on the same techniques and strategies they use with the varsity teams. Rather than emphasize hitting as many balls as possible, they instead concentrate on the intention of each shot. Camps run 5 to 7 hours a day on court, followed by some sort of evening diversion, whether that's pizza night, an exhibition, a campus tour, or bowling. Resident campers stay in university housing.

Season: June 5-July 1, 2016

Ages: 8-18

Rates and Reservations

Longhorns Tennis Camp
The University of Texas at Austin
P.O. Box 7399
Austin, TX 78713

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  • 4-Ball Rating "Our daughter attended this camp last week and had a great time. The daily tennis instruction was great, and she enjoyed the after hours activities. Video review was included, and she improved her skillset greatly."—H.B., Int., June 2013

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