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Bradenton, Florida

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Here's what others have had to say about IMG Academy Youth Tennis Camps.

  • 5-Ball Rating "This camp was phenomenal. Our kids did a week of the kids program while my wife and I did the adult care. The tennis instruction both on the court, and strategy sessions, and mental coaching all scored were exceptional. Camps and clinics my children have attended in the past, seemingly had no purpose to the drills that they were doing. The reason I say this is because my kids could never tell me why they did a drill and how it might help their game. This was not true and IMG. They understood the purpose of the drills And how the little things that they were working on would fit in with a big picture of tennis. Outside of Tennis, they had top athletic training for injuries, which was all free. They also had personal trainers who would guide you through exercise routines for both pre-and post match play to help you prevent injury and gain the appropriate muscle, strength and coordination needed or progressing your game in avoiding injury. For the video analysis they did all of our swings was exceptionally helpful. The food was excellent, and healthy. Everything had a calorie content next to it. We would go every month if we could find the time. If my kids would be willing to, We would send them for a semester. In the month following my return, I am playing the best of my life. My first service increased velocity and accuracy. Might kick serve Now kicks high and away from my opponents instead of just straight up. Because the service improved so much my slice service, which was always good is so much more effective. Forehands and backhands now have more penetrating power with heavier topspin. All of these things were accomplished, for me with relatively minute adjustments but should be fun and engaging pros picked up very quickly from across the court. For example, my backhand was greatly improved by rotating my nondominant hand about 1 cm. Two different pros observed this from across the court! It was also fun to see top pro players in rising star’s practice. Nick Bollettieri was generous with his time with you adults and the kids, too. This is a camp that has a gold to make you better. And they know how to succeed at that."—R.M., Int., July 2018
  • 5-Ball Rating "I had a blast and my game has improved to a new level, the coaches took their time on all the problem areas I had . It was a very short 5 weeks I wish I had more time not only for my tennis but the coaches made it so much fun I can’t wait to go back. Fired up. When you visit you will know what I mean. Thanks so much for everything."—Y.J., Int., July 2018
  • 3-Ball Rating "I attended IMG tennis camp for three weeks this summer. I am a moderately female player from the Midwest. The truly had all levels. From straight up beginners to the best juniors in the country, so everyone found their level. The coaches were really good about moving everyone appropriately. The actual coaching was pretty good, not amazing though. You get to hit a lot of balls and I definitely feel improved. The fitness is subpar for the core program, but the amount of tennis left me exhausted.
    I will say this, the dorm situation is icky. If you aren't up for the nightly dance party or a trip to walmart, there is nothing to do at night. The dorm is one big coed building, and its not just tennis players. Every sport(including football) at IMG is housed there. I never felt uncomfortable in my room, but there was a lot of testosterone. IMG as a whole was at least 80/20 male, so bear that in mind. I requested a room switch three times, and it was all accommodated.
    The training is intense, but if you expect fun after tennis activities, you won't find that."
    —J.M., Adv., October 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great place! Coaches motivate you lots and you play people from around the world. I'm coming full time next school year."—R.R., Int., April 2012
  • 5-Ball Rating "Our son 16, loved Bolletteiri, the ultimate tennis camp. He was placed in the advanced group. The coaches are the same that train the world known tennisstars. The courts and equipment are in perfect shape. Everything is well organized. Our son stayed with friends outside the camp, but he had lunch at the camp, and loved it. The lectures are very good. An added experience is to have Nick Bollettieri say hi to every camper, and taking time to see everyone playing. Our son had the best time. When he came back, he literary could feel the benefit from the camp in his play even though he just stayed for one week."—K.W., Adv., March 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "My son attended the camp a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. We have heard good things about the program and it definitely met our standards. The coaches are wonderful and the camp had tough competition for match play. My son plans to go back during the summer time."—M.M., Int., January 2011
  • 4½-Ball Rating "We sent our son again this summer. things are growing there. Good experience w/ Nick and his staff. We will be back."—J.G., Adv. Int., October 2010
  • 1½-Ball Rating "Sent our son for the year long program. The good: a lot of drilling daily, fitness daily, if you become injured there is physical therapist on hand, great workout room, school is stone throws away from dorms (except H.S. aged kids have a long walk.) Nice pool, outings on the weekends and evenings.
    The bad: no supervision for kids. There are so called "mentors" that go around checking off kids names and remind them to tidy up their room and do homework then they stop by at curfew to make sure kids are in bed. Other than that the kids are all on their own. The dorms are dirty, outdated, small and there is no plan on updating them any time soon. My child and his friends did not like the food.
    Some of the kids have foul mouths and when we visited, the younger groups were very emotional - yelling at each other, cursing. Also, much too expensive. You get your hours of tennis in but not the place to leave a child on their own."
    —J.S., Int., August 2010

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