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Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
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Grand Cypress Resort

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

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Here's what others have had to say about Grand Cypress Resort, Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, and Villas of Grand Cypress.

  • 4½-Ball Rating "Exceptional, location, facility and pro. A private venue in the middle of Florida's tennis hub. The resort has much to offer. With world class golf, tennis, and a range of activities for all ages. A new conference center with state of the art technology."—A.I., Adv. Int., April 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn,the tennis pro, is exceptional!! Spent 3 days with her!! She is awesome!! We will definitely see her again when we visit!!"—D.D., Adv., April 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—J.M., Adv. Int., March 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating "A gem in Orlando. A wonderful place to combine a tennis holiday with visits to the theme parks and other attractions which make Orlando the most-visited tourist destination in the US."—G.K., Adv., March 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Came down for a tennis experience with 7 women in Feb. 2020. Excellent instruction from Lynn! She is high energy, positive and catered to our needs. I would definitely recommend The Grand Cypress Resort and Lynn for a tennis get away."—C.B., Int., February 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating "When deciding where to stay in Orlando I picked Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress because Lynn, the tennis pro, was very responsive and provided a tennis program for my visit. I am always looking for new tips to improve my game and different competition. With that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed match play with locals and found the lesson very beneficial. She worked just not on technical skills but also strategy and mental tips. I cannot imagine staying somewhere else in Orlando!"—J.I., Int., February 2020
  • 4-Ball Rating "Tennis instruction with Lynn was great! I've been playing for years but found Lynn was able to give me some good pointers improving the form of both my forehand and backhand, resulting in more accurate shots. A small change can make a big difference. Also, Lynn helped to focus my strategy, making my game more successful. My 90 year old dad also had a great time hitting with Lynn, who showed him that with just a few changes, he can hit the ball harder and deeper than he's been doing for the past few years. This was my second trip to The Grand Cypress Resort. Its always been easy to work with Lynn, who is an insightful instructor and is certainly able to improve a player's game."—M.C., Adv. Int., February 2020
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lynn was a great tennis instructor. She was personable and easy to work with. Excellent trip. Would come back again. So valuable to have a tennis pro at the courts for instruction!"—T.I., Int., February 2020
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Tennis Pro Lynn Bottger makes the Hyatt Regent Grand Cypress a world-class, excellent destination for tennis. We chose the Hyatt due to Lynn’s expertise, integration of multiple components: match play, private lessons & drill, round robin (all with locals as well as hotel guests). We were able to play at least 4 hours daily and Lynn provided fantastic differentiated instruction for 2.5-3.5 group. She is versatile working with lower and higher ranking individuals and groups also. Lynn is an unstoppable, positive energy force and brought much fun, knowledge, and a broad experience to our trip. The resort is a beautiful location but Lynn truly makes it hard to imagine going elsewhere as it’s hard to imagine such a comprehensive, well-integrated program elsewhere. Hope to make it back sooner than later. Thank you Lynn for the outstanding experience at The Grand Cypress Raquet Club. *"—J.V.,  February 2020
  • 4-Ball Rating "My wife and I just attended Grand Cypress Resort for the sole purpose of receiving daily tennis instruction during our 3-day stay. We are both 70, retired and took up tennis about 10-years ago upon retiring. Lynn Bottger, the Director of Tennis designed our program and worked with both of us over the 3-days. She did an excellent job despite our different skill levels. In summary, the program exceeded our expectations and both of us look forward to a return visit. Highly recommended and beautiful setting!"—K.F., Int., December 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The pro Lynn Bottger is so friendly and her coaching is excellent. The environment is so peaceful and well maintained. Highly recommended!"—J.T., Adv. Int., April 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—A.L., Adv. Int., April 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—D.H., Int., April 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Grand Cypress tennis program is amazing. My husband and I participated in a clinic during Christmas break last year and were impressed with the tennis facility and the clinic, so I decided to go back early this year for 2 weeks and took the advantage of the tennis package program. Lynn, the tennis Pro & director, was so smart and personalable. She is not only has the unique strength to identify players' style and stregth but also an exceptional listener to understand their voices and goals. I was a very active intermediate/advance players for many years but have been having difficulty to adapt the new grip/technique/style after multiple surgeries and medical issues. Even though taking many lessons from various Pros, I still couldn't get it right, especially the timing. However, after spending 2 weeks with Lynn, I felt alive-----, she pin-pointed my problems and instructed me patiently with step by step simple formular (not overwhelming me, which was very important) and also showed me how to practice by myself at home! It really worked!! Now I can hit my shots with confidence again!!! Thanks Lynn. I enjoyed the lessons and clinics very much and definitely would visit Grand Cypress again."—J.C., Adv., April 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "I have had many tennis lessons in many different resorts and Lynn Bottger at Grand Cypress is by far the best instructor I have ever had!! She is a diagnostician and I always leave with several improvements. Lynn has a knack for tweaking my stroke in just the right way to make it more effective. She can dial right into the problem very quickly. And, she is also very accommodating for scheduling lessons. The resort is very beautiful as well. I highly recommend a visit to see Lynn! P.S. I have been to Saddlebrooke and Kiawah and other resorts and I will only keep returning to Grand Cypress whenever I go to Florida."—S.K., Int., April 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Amazing facility and pro. Pro has a unique ability to diagnose, break down and retrain tennis strokes. Also enjoys working with the younger beginners. Facility is the best private, with both hard and hartrue surfaces. A first class facility with all the amenities. A find in the middle of world class Orlando ATP tennis screen."—A.I., Adv. Int., April 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I loved this tennis club. The pro, Lynn Bottger was an amazing instructor who took the time to discover your strengths and weaknesses and then progress from there. The clinics and round robins were well structured and lots of fun and competitive. The setting is beautiful and the hard tru courts are fantastic!"—M.J., Adv. Int., April 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I have been here twice over the past few months whilst traveling in Florida. I have had a number of lessons with Lynn who is an outstanding coach. What I like is she tailored the program to me and my strengths and weaknesses. She also coached me and pushed me to develop not just an hour of hitting. Lynn also followed up with an email after I had left summarizing what we had been through and what I could continue doing after. I would highly recommend Lynn as a coach. I am a 4.0 to 4.5 player."—C.P., Adv. Int., April 2019
  • 4-Ball Rating "Very nice tennis resort with a terrific pro, Lynn Bottger. She is one of the best teaching pros I have ever worked with. She is always so courteous and will bend over backwards to get someone in to a lesson or clinic. I would recommend her highly and give her a 10/10."—S.A., Adv. Int., April 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Excellent tennis professionals. Great courts. Instruction is second to none. Fabulous resort."—J.B., Adv., April 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn and her staff are exceptional."—M.C., Beg., April 2019
  • 4-Ball Rating "Upon entering the Grand Cypress gates, you are taken by the lush and serene setting just miles from the bustling Walt Disney World parks near Orlando, FL. The Grand Cypress Racquet Club lies a mile within the grounds seperate from the resort itself. But don't worry, there are shuttles, bikes, and walking paths available to patrons looking to jump on the courts. The tennis club grounds are mainly Har-Tru clay courts, with a stadium court with covered bleachers to accomodate a crowd of around 100 people, and also some very picturesque courts lakeside, there are 13 total Har-Tru clay with 2 seperate hard courts. The grounds are tended meticulously by the friendly staff, with an acute attention to detail. There are a number of instructional classes, round robins, and tournaments held here, giving options to a recreational player and also a seasoned veteran. There are many places to play tennis in Central Florida, but the Grand Cypress stands as one of the best!"—J.O., Adv. Int., October 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating "The Grand Cypress tennis resort is a very nice facility. I took a lesson with Lynn. She is a great instructor and I had a lot of fun. I'd like to return soon."—B.K., Int., April 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I had a great vacation here. The courts are fantastic and the head pro Lynn worked hard to find local players to play with. They get two thumbs up from me"—M.S., Adv., April 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "A personal recommendation is the best endorsement and after completing three days of lessons with Lynn I sing her praises at every opportunity. Lynn's approach is focused, intense, fun and unlike most club coaches. She coaches like i would imagine a college coach would and for three days we worked on all of my strokes, analyzing what i was doing wrong and how to correct it. The facilities are great and easy to get to, and the tennis courts are near a lake making for a pleasant way to spend the morning. We would start with five minutes of mini-tennis and then work on very specific areas of my game, slowly expanding the drills to cover every facet of a particular stroke. At the end of the sessions there was the opportunity to play doubles with other visitors and locals who showed up to the doubles clinic. I will definitely be returning this year and compare my skills since last. I still use what I learnt there with Lynn, and she has improved my serve and forehand in particular."—D.O., Int., April 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Fully enjoyed my tennis play at Grand Cypress. Most people come to Orlando for attractions without realizing this amazing facility so close. Grand Cypress offers both hard court and clay courts with raquetball court to practice in. Beautiful setting. Participated in both clinic and private lesson. Well worth the money. Both pro's were exceptionally good and extremely friendly and helpful. Left with good new tips and techniques. Would highly recommend to all tennis players who travel to Orlando to check this place out."—M.P., Int., April 2018
  • 3½-Ball Rating "I was very happy to be able to play tennis during my vacation. I felt very welcomed. The instruction and drills were great."—P.M., Adv. Int., April 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I viisted Grand Cypress in early January 2018 as my "vacataion" after a business trip. I contacted Lynn about two months before my trip and she came up with a custom set of lessons that would fit my schedule. Of course my schedule changed, but Lynn was very flexible and I ended up having a great lesson along with great conversation. What I liked most is that Lynn worked within my style of play and suggested things that enhanced my style rather than trying to make drastic changes. The facility is surrounded by a beautiful golf course; it is a very peaceful environment. It was unseasonabley chilly when I was there, but I bet that it is a great setting during the heat of summer. I definitely want to return. Note that it is near Disney and if you don't stay at Grand Cypress [I did not because I was on business at another hotel] getting there will take some time."—L.B., Int., April 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "My 8 year old son and I really enjoyed our lessons with Lynn over the holidays and spring break. Lynn is warm, personable and knowledgeable. She kept my very distractible son engaged and interested, and I received lots of great tennis tips to improve my game. We will definitely be giving her a call our next visit to Orlando."—V.O., Beg., April 2018
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—J.M., Adv., April 2018
  • 5-Ball Rating "Coaching was outstanding. Lynn Bottger is really terrific! A real treasure!! She has lots of experience and really meets the needs of every level of tennis player. She is very clear."—P.W., Int., April 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn is an outstanding tennis instructor! I have been to many tennis resorts including Saddlebrook, Hilton Head and Florida. She was the first one to customize my lessons specifically to my needs, particularly to prevent future injuries. She is energetic and very passionate about her tennis teachings. The resort was wonderful as well and booking times with her was easy. I highly recommend this resort to anyone!"—S.K., Int., April 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn was great all 3 of my teenagers were better when we left- the kids have privates back home but Lynn was a higher level coach than what they were use to. My kids play at a pretty high level and she was quick to see flaws that I did not see. Would strongly recommend instruction with Lynn."—K.O., Adv. Int., April 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Excellent tennis facility and staff. Great tennis clinics and individual instruction."—J.B., Adv., April 2018
  • 3½-Ball Rating "The courts were well maintained, the other players very nice, but a special shout-out goes to the pro, Lynn Bottger who improved my backhand immensely. I don't think she appreciated how much at the time, but my pro back home noticed the difference."—R.P., Int., April 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Excellent facility and terrific instructions. Great tennis environment with game matching and weekly tournaments. Should not miss in Central Florida/Orlando area."—J.M., Adv. Int., April 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I was visiting the Grand Cypress Resort to watch my son play in a golf tournament held there and I decided to take a tennis clinic and a tennis lesson the day before the tournament started. I had no expectations because I just wanted to hit and I had not read anything about the tennis at the Grand Cypress; the location was just convenient for me. Lynn was such an amazing tennis instructor. The clinic was helpful, fast-paced and fun. The private lesson was going so well that I expended it an additional 1/2 hour. Lynn had the ability to diagnose a problem, break down my swing and show me how to improve my technique. I left the courts feeling so happy! Later that night, I received an email reminding me what we covered in the lesson. Overall, I rate this place a "10" because of Lynn. She was awesome!"—M.P., Adv. Int., April 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn Bottger, Director of Tennis, is one of the best pros I have every had teach me and my boys. She is smart and insightful and has a wonderful way in which she runs the program. I would highly recommend her and the Grand Cypress to all who play."—J.R., Adv., April 2017
  • 5-Ball Rating "Tennis at Grand Cypress is an amazing experience! The courts are fantastic, as are the clinics and lessons offered. And it's 24 hours!!! Tennis Pro Lynn Bottger is an amazing pro! She's insightful and has a great way of teaching! I can't say enough about tennis here. Some say that theme parks are the only reason to go to Orlando. I say its hands down The Grand Cypress Tennis Resort."—D.G., Adv. Int., April 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The tennis pro, Lynn at Grand Cypress Resort is fantastic. Where were staying at the Hyatt and without much notice she was able to fit me into her clinics with same level players. (I am a 4.5 female tennis player) She does a nice job of mixing local players with guests. I have recommended her to friends when they have visited FL. She is a great teaching pro for all levels and the Hyatt Grand Cypress is a lovely resort. Since going there the first time I have been back 3 times."—E.J., Adv., April 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Excellent facilities and teaching, personal touch"—L.T., Int., April 2017
  • 4-Ball Rating "Our whole family play tennis and had great fun. Lynn was a wonderful instructor"—G.R.,  April 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn Bottger the tennis pro was so welcoming to our family. There are players of all levels and our family did not feel intimidated on the courts. Lynn was able to work on areas of concerns that we were able to adapt easily. The visual and verbal cues were like no other. I have never progressed so quickly during lessons before. She was also able to challenge our son who plays at a higher level than my husband and I. I wish our time could have been longer. When we returned home Lynn sent us an email of reminders for all of us with detailed reminders. Above and beyond! It was terrific!"—S.A., Low Int., April 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Grand Cypress Resort is a hidden paradise for tennis players. The resort is absolutely beautiful but what keeps me coming back is their tennis center and programs. I enjoy the morning round robins, the tennis pro always helps me schedule a great match or provide a great lesson for my son."—B.S., Adv., April 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Ask for Lynne she is fantastic!"—C.C., Int., April 2017
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Beautiful resort! I've taken a couple drills with the Tennis pro, Lynn. She's very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I'm looking forward to returning to this top notch resort."—L.D., Adv., April 2017
  • 4-Ball Rating "Great facility, beautiful courts and wonderful pro who will try to tailor the lesson to focus on you areas of need"—E.S., Adv., April 2017
  • 4-Ball Rating "Wonderful facility with a very an exceptional coach. Lynn was able to work with what I have and I picked up useful tips to improve my forehand after the 5 day session as well as made a huge improvement on both my first and second serve. I have been to other tennis resort before, but I would rate Hyatt Grand Cyress top notch for coaching . The lodging is very comfortable as well. Lots of other restaurants close by and you never get bored exploring both on and off the resort. I would return in a heart beat!"—R.L., Adv., April 2016
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—M.S., Adv. Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Fantastic coaching and very accommodating of schedule. Round robins at skill-level were a real plus. The scenery is fantastic, and hotel plus food very good for money. Lots to do between tennis on resort with wife and kids, plus a great pool."—R.S., Low Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn is absolutely amazing. My wife and I did a 5 hour academy over two days and were very pleased with our progress. We wanted ground strokes that were not as taxing on the body. Lynn not only delivered on this, but was a pleasure to be around."—B.S., Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "This is a MUST if you are looking for a tennis getaway. My tennis team has selected to do a per-season three day tennis lesson get away for years, with Lynn the pro at Grand Cypress. Professional, excellent facilities, awesome villas, great restaurants and we always leave stronger tennis players."—K.S., Adv. Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Wonderful facility - Lynn (Head Pro) is a fantastic instructor! Most relevant and actionable instruction I've ever had."—J.R., Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I take a lesson at Grand Cypress every time I can when I am in the Orlando area. The pros there are top notch and the facilities are ideal as well. They can usually pair you up with comparable players for matches also. Their location near Disney is great for vacationers or conference attendees and the hotel is superb with huge pool complex, fitness, spa and great dining options."—B.R., Int., April 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating "Great facility. Lynn was extremely helpful. She paired me up with some locals to play with that were similar in skill level. She also put on a very good clinic which I was able to attend. I highly recommend this resort."—S.T., Adv., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Beautiful resort and a great place to work on your tennis game. Lynn Bottger, the head of the tennis progam, is an excellent teaching pro. Her ability to diagnose swing mechanics and improve stroke effectiveness is unrivaled. I highly recommend this resort for anyone that is serious about improving their level of play. The resort also has a spectacular pool, nice fitness center, great spa and friendly staff."—H.T.,  April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Our adult women's Team (12 ladies) have been attending Grand Cypress for the past 5 years as a warm-up for our league season. Grand Cypress resort is a perfect venue for our group for tennis instruction and a fun getaway. Lynn Bottgers the Pro has been instrumental in advancing our game both individually and as a Team. Each day we have a high energy clinic and on the final day play the locals. The accommodations work perfectly, we plan to return in 2016."—C.B., Adv. Int., March 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Spent one week at Grand Cypress tennis and it was a wonderful experience. The facilities are great. Lynn is an exceptional coach and did a great job at accommodating everyone's goals and preferences. I participated in group drills, private lessons, and round robins - all were top-notch. I'll definitely be going back and I would recommend Grand Cypress to anyone interested in some fun tennis and improving their game."—B.R., Int., March 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn run a great program. Never a shortage a good 4.0 game. A great mix with guests and members. If I lived in the area I would be a regular."—M.G., Adv., March 2016
  • 5-Ball Rating "Great experience at Grand Cypress! Lynn went out of her way to schedule tennis during her day off and then delivered some fantastic coaching. The courts and grounds were immaculate. Couldn't be more happy and can't wait to go back."—A.O., Int., March 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lynn is a great coach and makes the difference. She quickly noticed several things that needed to improve into my game and really focused into our classes. Drill sessions were a good way to meet other people and arrange games. Courts are great (hard thru)."—G.M., Low Int., April 2015
  • 4-Ball Rating "It was an enjoyable experience in very pleasant surroundings with skilled staff friendly atmosphere and excellent facilities that I would return to experience again without hesitation given the opportunity"—T.H., Low Int., April 2015
  • 4-Ball Rating "Great resort. We arranged a lesson with Lynn as a present for my fathers 65 birthday. It was all arranged easily via email. On the day Lynn was great she was more than happy to work with us both during the same session and this was done quite easily. She was very enthusiastic and helped in several ways with our games. The venue was fantastic, great courts, fantastic scenery, I wish I could play here every week. I really recommend it."—G.H., Int., April 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Wow, when it comes to a pro that can make an impact quickly, Lynn Bottger is the answer! I have arranged to play with Lynn on 4 different occasions over the past couple of years, and each time she has helped to improve my game. A truly gifted coach. I can't wait to get back to Orlando - a stop in to play at Grand Cypress will definitely be on my agenda!!"—N.I., Adv., April 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Director of Tennis , Lynn Bottger. Thank You for your insights ! it will be very helpful personally and professionally. I truly enjoyed my experience at the Grand Cypress Tennis Center and your Teaching. Great mix of a family vacation in Disney along with some tennis away time for yourself or with the family."—J.W., Adv., April 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn Bottger, the tennis pro, did an excellent job of working to improve my game. Look forward to returning. I would rate her top notch!!"—J.C., Int., March 2015
  • 4-Ball Rating "I was a guest at the Grand Cypress March 18-21 and contacted the pro, Lynn Bottger prior to my visit to inquire about options for lessons, clinics etc. She was most helpful in outlining options and even followed with me prior to my visit to see if I wanted to make any reservations. I arranged an hour lesson and found her to be very responsive to what I wanted to work on. Furthermore, she summarized details of out lesson in an email and sent to me for follow-up and future reference. I would definitely recommend using the facility which was in great shape and participating in the options for lessons or clinics."—J.D., Int., March 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn was awesome! I'm a beginner taking up the game again after a decade off. She was patient, fun and for the first time ever I feel like I have a basis to actually improve. I booked one lesson on a whim for something to do while my husband worked, and ended up booking lessons for each day of my stay. I would highly recommend Lynn and her facility."—L.H., Beg., March 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Pro-Lynn Bottger: We showed up from the airport before we could check into our room, wondering if we might get a lesson and sure enough, Lynn was available and obliged. We were so impressed with the approach she took with us that we schedule a session on each of the remaining days of our stay. Our experience was exceptional because she provided the instruction we wanted and that she "intuited" from talking to us, what would be "transferrable" back to our home club. In fact, when we described our experience to our home club pro, he was able to "pick up" exactly from there. She is friendly, down to earth, intentional and you know Lynn wants/desires/will meet your needs. In addition, as you will see from the ratings, the resort is great!"—M.S., Adv. Int., March 2015
  • 5-Ball Rating "Excellent tennis clinic"—M.M., Int., March 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Recently took a couple of lessons with Lynn Bottger and was very impressed. She's a great player, very patient, and very good at findings ways to get her points across to her students. Highly recommend, and will head back for more ASAP."—A.J.,  March 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—I.C., Adv. Int., March 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I took two tennis lessons from Lynn Bottger during my recent business trips to Orlando, Florida. I had taken some lessons from other tennis pro before. But, Lynn was very professional, technical, and most importantly very patient. She did a wonderful job in breaking up a difficult task (e.g. serve) into baby steps. She is superb."—O.H., Int., March 2015
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lynn is a truly fantastic coach. She very quickly assessed my strengths, weaknesses, and learning style and designed a very tailored program. She was very encouraging and inspired me to really put in the work to take my game up a level or two."—M.G., Int., March 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn Bottger is one of my favorite tennis pros! This is my third time returning to the Hyatt for the tennis program. Lynn gave a great lesson keeping the play moving while giving some valuable tennis tips. She arranged as much tennis as I wanted during my visit. Thanks, Lynn."—J.H., Adv., December 2014
  • 3½-Ball Rating "My daughter recently took part in the tennis school with Lynne Botteger….what an improvement!!"—S.O., Low Int., April 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I had selected this resort mostly because the price I had to pay for going to tennis camp was taking my partner to nearby Disney World. It turned out to be an absolutely amazing experience and has become my new tennis destination (we are already planning our next trip and would like to make it a yearly event). It offers an unsurpassed combination of superb low-ratio instruction, flexible scheduling/programming (I was able to conveniently do over 5 hours of tennis a day, while my partners and friends could do as many hours as they would like), and most importantly for me, the best value of any tennis camp/resort I've ever attended. The review would not be complete with a shout-out to Lynn, the tennis director, who is an amazing teacher: passionate, caring, knowledgeable, patient (very very patient), and intelligent...a true superstar!"—L.H., Adv., April 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I was fortunate enough to travel to Orlando twice in March of 2014. I played 3 days during each visit and enjoyed my time on their beautiful courts. I took private lessons from Lynn, participated in drills, and played in the Saturday morning mixer. All the program activities were wonderful. Lynn does a great job of helping you improve your game without trying to make huge changes in your strokes. If you have a chance to play at the Hyatt Grand Cyprus I encourage you to do so!"—S.K., Int., April 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great tennis instruction and facility ! We went with a small group of women for four days. Lynn could not be more accommodating and responsive to our tennis skills. The instruction was positive and superb. She has a keen eye and recognizes your strengths and weaknesses and works to improve both with exceptional skill."—J.T., Adv. Int., April 2014
  • 5-Ball Rating "I have attended many tennis camps and clinics over the years. I must say that our instructor, Lynn, was among the most informative and effective that I have encountered. Her positive attitude and teaching style made for a most enjoyable experience. After four days, I left with many practical tips and a renewed excitement about the game. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lynn and The Grand Cypress Resort to anyone considering a tennis resort."—E.R., Int., April 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great instructor! Very responsive and willing to be flexible to meet your schedule. Opportunity for private, semi-private or to play with locals."—R.C., Adv. Int., April 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "What a tennis complex should be, in terms of facilities, and knowledgeable and helpful staff."—L.G., Adv. Int., April 2014
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lynne is wonderful and so accommodating. She went out if her way to make my stay informative and fun"—L.K., Adv. Int., April 2014
  • 4-Ball Rating "Great courts and a top-notch, friendly, and accommodating pro. Lynn is wonderful and can draw on years of experience to tailor her tips to your playing ability."—E.S., Adv., April 2014
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—M.W., Adv. Int., April 2014
  • 5-Ball Rating "My 7 year old son received his very first tennis lessons from Lynn at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando. She was so patient with him, encouraging him and praising him as he learned the game. We wished we lived closer so he could continue his lessons with Lynn, but we will certainly book further lessons upon our next trip to Orlando. Thanks Lynn for giving my son a solid foundation and the desire to continue perfecting his skills!"—S.D., Beg., April 2014
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—M.P., Adv. Int., April 2014
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—J.M., Adv. Int., April 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Excellent tennis instructions. The head pro Lynn is probably one of the best prod I have ever hit with. She is an expert at stroke analysis and very good as well at game strategy. I would highly recommend this tennis resort."—F.T., Adv., April 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Was only there for a weekend and took an hour lesson with Lynn Bottger, the head pro. Lynn was outstanding and the courts were in excellent condition."—D.E., Adv. Int., April 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lynn Bottger is a patient, intelligent instructor whose instruction has greatly improved my game. She mixed in instruction, drills and match play and made it a lot of fun. I would recommend the Lynn & the Grand Cypress to anyone. And, Disney World literally next door is a great distraction for the kids."—P.R., Int., April 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—B.B., Int., April 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "Love the flexibility of Lynn. She is willing to create just the right experience you request. Matching others to play, clinics, private lessons - she is terrific. Didn't see any weaknesses since Lynn accommodated the tennis experience I asked for and more."—Y.R., Adv. Int., April 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "Excellent pro. Grounds are lovely."—A.C., Int., April 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "I took 3 hours of classes with Lynn this past February (2013) while aattending a conference at a nearby hotel. Lynn was very accomodating in working with my schedule. The classes were extemely enjoyable and she worked on very specific aspects of my strokes to make sure that I retained what I have learned. I've already booked my trip to go back there with my wife for the end of April so we can both work on our tennis some more."—J.P., Int., April 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "My 3.5 team had a very helpful weekend with Lynn. She arranged a nice mix of clinic instruction with round robin mixed doubles play with local players. We learned some new strategies and all made progress on our individual games. Lynn is very good at diagnosing trouble spots and communicating ways to work on them! Very helpful drills."—C.C., Int., April 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Fabulous resort. Lynn Bottger is the best pro I have ever taken lessons from. Tennis courts are hard and clay. There is a 9 hole pitch and putt that is free to play on. Bicycles are included. My wife and I would ride the bikes to the tennis courts every day. The resort sits on 1500 acres and has a small lake for water sports plus two pools. Fun place for the whole family. They have a free shuttle to Disney but we came this time for a business conference and tennis."—B.G., Int., April 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "We have stayed several times at the Grand Cypress and have taken clinics and private lessons from Lynn Bottger. Each time we have gained improved skills and knowledge. Lynn's clinics are dynamic and never the same drills. This year we were able to go for a week before my 6.0 team went to Nationals. My most impressive volleys Played in the tournament was due to Lynn's drills. The tennis setting is gorgeous. The courts are well maintained and it is a blast to play the round robin with the locals who come out to play."—D.E., Int., April 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—K.K., Int., April 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "My wife, my daughter and I spent 4 days at The Grand Cypress in March 2013. Lynn was very helpful in organizing our participation in a round robin, a clinic, and several hours of individual instruction and practice. Lynn is an excellent tennis teacher and gives very good technical instruction. Unlike some pros who inundate you with lots of changes, she has a real knack for identifying a limited number of key things in each stroke that result in quick and meaningful improvement. She is very personable and patient and clearly really enjoys helping people to improve their tennis.
    The tennis facilities are excellent--well maintained Har-tru courts in a lovely setting. Overall, an excellent experience and a great place to tune up your game without going to a full-up all day intensive tennis camp. Ball machine is also available if you want to practice further after the instruction. The hotel is also great. We would definitely go again."
    —R.C., Adv. Int., April 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Absolutely loved it. Best coach, great venue, will be back..."—B.K., Adv. Int., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—L.G., Adv. Int., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "This is a great tennis facility! I really enjoyed my week at Grand Cypress. Fantastic courts. I had an excellent lesson with Lynn Bottger and look forward to my next visit. Highly recommend the Grand Cypress!"—D.H., Int., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "As a beginner I took three lessons during my week long vacation. This is the first time I've done this while on vacation. I found it very enjoyable, hope to do it again. Lynn, the instructor, was very patient and knowledgeable. Made it fun to learn and I have continuted to practice what I was taught. My mother an more experienced player also took a lesson she thought was excellent. Clean, with very nice courts in good shape. located in a quiet part of the resort. Extra raquets and balls available for guest who don't bring their own. Would definitely go here again and take lessons. The Hyatt resort is lovely and there is pleanty to do with pol, golf, lake and spa on premis. Very friendly and professional staff. Doesn't hurt that it is really close to Disney."—B.F., Beg., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lynn did a great job setting up lessons and preparing the courts. Her instruction was outstanding and provided good insight and new skills. Overall, an good experience within a nice resort setting."—R.M., Low Int., April 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Lynn is awesome! Don't leave there without playing on "The Romance Court"!"—P.U., Low Int., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "Wonderful facility, great coach. Very accommodating, fitting me in. Highly recommended."—J.K., Adv. Int., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "I signed up for 3 sessions and got a lot out of them as an advanced beginner. I wish I had kept my original plan to do a Series. Lynn is a great instructor and worked hard to accomodate my schedule. She even matched me up with another tennis player to get some games in. Well worth it."—D.E., Low Int., April 2012
  • 3½-Ball Rating "My time was limited while staying at the Hyatt Grand Cypress, so over a week of business I only had time for a 1 hour workout each day. I wanted to maximize my court time and be assured of a good & hard workout, while working on a few weak points. I was not dissapointed, and with one call to the head pro she took care of all my tennis and aranged for private sessions with her each day around my schedule. Lynn was excellent in her methods and her drills to work specifically on my weak points, while at the same time helping develop my strengths even further. She did not overwhelm me with trying to revamp my game and all my strokes, but rather focused on a few small changes only.
    Lynn is a delightful person and has a wealth of tennis knowledge.I would recomend this resort and Lynn to all my tennis friends. The courts are kept in imaculate condition and are in a very private and beautiful setting."
    —J.F., Adv., April 2012
  • 3-Ball Rating "The instruction was great. The director Lynn is very personable and knowledgable. The courts are nice and scenic next to a lake. The loaner rackets were well-worn and could be improved."—J.D., Low Int., April 2012
  • 3½-Ball Rating "excellent quality coach, Lynn worked very hard with our daughter and really helped with her strokes and taught her to get power from the court, The resort is now offering orange balls which is what Lucy plays with and is hopefully embracing the new mini 10 and under tennis"—R.J., Adv. Int., April 2012
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Lynn Bottger - Director of Tennis - designed a personal lesson program for my wife and myself while we were vacationing in Orlando. She worked with us to arrange the times that best fit with our busy vacation schedule. Lynn used her experience to taylor her approach to us as individuals with different learning styles and yet coach us as partners through easy to follow drills. Would highly recommend this location to anyone looking for a fun,instructive way to improve their game."—M.A., Low Int., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "Pro Lynn Bottger was very helpful and accommodating, patient, and a pleasure to deal with. She's a smart, intuitive instructor and kept us challenged with private lessons, clinics and round robin doubles play with guests and local players during our 5-day stay at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress."—M.B., Int., April 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—M.C., Adv. Int., April 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Beautiful resort-great courts and great instruction"—K.R., Int., April 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—S.R., Adv., April 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating "Searched up a club in the Orlando area for some tennis last year while on a business trip and was extremely lucky to find the Grand Cypress Resort in Florida. With a single phone call I scheduled 5 hours of private lessons over three days tailored around my schedule. One hour of hitting followed by 4 hours of game improving drills. Director of tennis, Lynn Bottger, readily identified core strengths, weaknesses and focused on improving fundamentals without altering style of play.
    Strengths: Individual attention, depth of knowledge & a love for the game.
    Weaknesses: Orlando is a bit hot in July."
    —C.C., Adv. Int., April 2011
  • 3½-Ball Rating "A real oasis after a couple of days at theme parks. Very nice hotel with gigantic swimming pools, a lake and beautiful grounds. Tennis courts were numerous, attractive and well maintained although they were a 10-minute walk from the hotel. Our first day, almost the entire facility was given over to a local ladies' league who seemed to think that they owned the place. The pro had held a couple of courts out, however, so we had a nice private lesson and some hitting time with the machine.
    We liked the pro but were surprised to find that there was only one pro. That meant the pro shop was closed whenever she was on the courts. I went with my 13 year old daughter who held her own in an adult clinic, but there were no other kids in sight. We went during spring break and expected to find more tennis activity. On the other hand, we liked the pro on staff. I came back hitting harder groundstrokes and pouncing on volleys. She also fixed my daughter's serve in two private lessons, and my daughter has yet to lose a match in her school league."
    —A.M., Adv. Int., April 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—M.G., Int., April 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lynn Bottger is a terrific coach. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her or her staff. She understands players and the game and always has suggestions to improve your game that always work!"—S.R., Adv. Int., April 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating "This resort is in a beautiful location with top notch facilities, and the professional instruction was excellent."—G.L., Adv. Int., April 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating "This summer will be our fourth vacation at the Grand Cyprus. One of the main attractions for staying here is the exceptional tennis coaching. The entire family found Lynn Bottger who is Head of Tennis a truly brillant coach. We also enjoyed playing with local players on Saturdays all organised by Lynn.
    The atmosphere was very friendly and run very professionally. The surroundings were also excellent. Ten out of ten to Lynn Bottger as Head Coach at this resort. The only weakness was the lack of other hotel guests as tennis playing enthusiasts.This however did not hamper our enjoyment of the hotel and its superb coaching."
    —B.G., Int., April 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—S.K., Int., March 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating "I took 3 private lessons from Lynn. It was great. My tennis definitely stepped up after that. I hope to be back there soon."—J.O., Int., March 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—M.C., Int., March 2011
  • 4-Ball Rating "great coaching from lynn bottger, experienced yet approachable. great court, weather, supporting services."—Q.T., Beg., March 2011
  • 3-Ball Rating " "—K.W., Adv. Int., November 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "This is a great tennis destination. Not too big, not too small, and lots of individual attention. Lynn Bottger is outstanding. She will work to fit you in to whatever drills, matches, or other activities they have going on. She'll also find you a hitting partner, either from the local players or from someone else at the resort. Even though there are lots of options, local people who live in Orlando play here. When I'm in Orlando, even if I am not staying at this resort, I still drop by to play tennis at this friendly, professional facility (although if I can, I like staying at the hotel. It's got great walking trails and pools)."—L.G., Low Int., April 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "My family and I had one of the best vacations we've ever had at the Grand Cypress Resort and Racquet Club. Lynn Bottger was especially great to work with because: 1)She customized a tennis program for us that addressed the strokes we wanted to work on and worked around our vacation schedule. 2)During the lessons, she took apart my groundstroke to eliminate the bad habits (and tennis elbow pain) I had developed over the years- something that no other coach I've ever been to in the past has taken the time to do. 3)She got my kids (age 4 and 6) excited about tennis and beginning to hit the ball with a proper groundstroke (from low to high!) I highly recommend Grand Cypress."—B.B., Int., April 2010
  • 5-Ball Rating "Excellent private lessons given by pro Lynn Bottger. My husband and I were part of a family trip to Disney World. Each morning we took an hour and half lesson with Lynn. Lessons fine-tuned to our individual needs were both demanding and fun and made a huge impact on my play! Next time I'm in Orlando, I'm on the courts with Lynn!"—A.K., Int., April 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "The tennis facilities at Grand Cypress Resort are great. More importantly, Lynn Bottger is an exceptional tennis instructor. Lynn worked with my two daughters (ages 6 and 9) and my wife for 5 days. I saw tremendous improvement in everyone's game. My family had a wonderful experience!"—J.L., Adv. Int., April 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "While on a short vacation in the Orlando area I had the distinct pleasure of taking two lessons with Lynn Bottger, the head pro. Lynn was spot on in identifying a facet of my game that needed improvement almost immediately. Now, with my many weaknesses that’s not surprising. What was remarkable was that she guided my play to create a tremendous improvement in that weakness in the two hours that I spent with her. It was, without a doubt, the largest and quickest improvement in my game. Lynn is also a very warm and friendly person with whom you feel an instant rapport. I do look forward to returning to Orlando just to be under her tutelage again soon!"—K.R., Int., April 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lynn Bottger and the facilities at Grand Cypress are amazing. I've had lessons from many pros and Lynn was exceptional. She has a great eye for areas to improve and can teach to your skill level, while at the same time setting you up for longer term improvements. She was one of the best pros I've ever worked with."—A.K., Int., April 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The facilites are great, the courts are in great shape all the time, the instruction is top notch."—C.W., Adv., April 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lynn is an amazingly intuative instructor. She is an expert in breaking down my strokes and helping me improve the various pieces. She also loves the fame and it's always a pleasure swaping stories and experiences. Whenever I seriously want to eaise my game, I go see Lynn Bottger at the Grand Cypress Resort."—L.H., Int., April 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lynn Bottger, the Head Pro, is an exceptional teaching professional. She analyzed the weak points in my game and broke it down to its most basic level. As a result, I have seen a major difference in my serves and my backhand, both of which needed major work. My 8 yr. old son too enjoyed Lynn's lessons and wants to go back. We are looking forward to another visit with Lynn."—M.A., Adv. Int., April 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Extremely family friendly and first rate teaching. The lead pro designed a custom schedule for us that included lessons for my wife and I as well as my two kids. We were invited to the regular round robin sessions with locals and were made very welcome. Lessons were very focused on development areas ased upon a detailed discussion up front. All in all a great experience."—S.B., Int., April 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "We are not Disney people, so to get us to Orlando took a special reason. We had heard that the Pro was exceptional and risked five days in chain restaurant hell to check it out. Lynn, The Head Pro, made the entire trip worthwhile. She is a true "teaching professional". She understands how to analyze your game, identify what needs to be improved, how to improve it and how to make it stick.
    Our experience was anything but the usual "this is a forehand....this is a backhand..." mentality of most places. The resort itself is beautiful. We stayed in a lovely villa which overlooked a small lake and the golf course. There was a nice restaurant (Hemingways) on the property and the Golf Club restaurant had a good selection of salads, burgers and sandwiches. The resort staff was extremely well trained and helpful."
    —K.B., Adv. Int., October 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "Personalized attention. Very pleasant setting."—K.B., Adv. Int., April 2009
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The Villas of Grand Cypress is one of the best tennis facilities I have ever been to. They have both clay and hard courts that are always in perfect playing condition. The USTA Pro on-site is a great coach and very accomadating. I could play tennis almost any place, but find that this is a perfect facility. Many pros use it to practice, so I know that they also love the tennis facility."—T.R., Int., April 2009
  • 3½-Ball Rating ""—K.W., Int., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "This is an excellent location to take in a lesson or a match. The grounds are beautiful and the staff instruction is excellent. I received a wealth of information and increased my skills in a couple of days. The only weakness was that I could not stay longer."—P.L., Int., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "The greatest strength is the tennis instruction."—A.T., Int., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "This is a terrific resort and a great tennis program, if you like individualized instruction more than the mass approach. After about ten lengthy visits over the last fifteen years, my game is much improved and Lynn, the head pro, has become a good friend. She is the reason that my family and I keep coming back to Orlando. It's not Disney World, it's Lynn's eagle eye: she fixes my game after it slips for a year back in Ohio.
    Clinics are available twice a day, and since this is a golf resort, you usually get the pro to yourself or with a couple of other guests. Stay at either the villas or the hotel, and call Lynn ahead of time and she will arrange a tennis package, with discounted room and lesson rates. It's a winner, to be sure."
    —E.P., Adv. Int., April 2009
  • 4½-Ball Rating "A beautfiul facility at a beautiful hotel. The director is an excellent coach!"—G.K., Adv., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "I went for a disney vacation with my family and also wanted to work on my tennis. We stayed at a condo close to the Grand cypress and worked with Lynn to have the early bird tennis lesson for 4 days. Lynn was most gracious and accomodated my needs. She was very professional and spent some time identifying my needs in terms of tennis(working on the one handed backhand).
    After identifying my needs she broke the instruction into distinctive sets and working on it individually. Once I mastered the basics we would add another variable into the equation. Overall in 4 coaching sessions , my backhand improved considerably and I am extremely happy that Lynn worked with me. The tennis courts at Grand Cypress are in a beautiful locale and it is great place. I plan to stay at the Grand Cypress next time having seen the lodge."
    —C.M., Adv. Int., April 2009
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—K.L., Adv., April 2009

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