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Evert Tennis Academy

Boca Raton, Florida

The Evert Tennis Academy runs junior-development programs for students who stay at the Academy full time and attend classes. The educational options include a fully-accredited and supervised K12 International online program on campus as well as a more traditional brick and mortar school directly across the street at Boca Prep, an IES/IB school. The academy offers several option for training part-time. Those include weekly, summer, and holiday camps and pre-tournament training sessions. These camps bundle five hours a day of on-court work with another two hours daily of physical and mental conditioning and strength training as well as optional lodging.

Chris Evert herself helps out at the academy on 90 percent of the days during the academic year. Her brother John, himself a former touring pro, is the Director of High Performance making this very much a family-run operation. Instruction takes place on 23 hard and clay courts arrayed around a two-story stucco clubhouse containing the pro shop, snack machines, offices, and classrooms. Students bed down in one of two three-story lodge just to the east, where they are responsible for their own laundry and for keeping their own rooms clean. The academy has room for only 48 full-time boarders at a time, which makes it the smallest of the big-name academies. (In summer, it can take up to 128 boarders.)

The academy also has a state-of-the-art gym, and a players' lounge and game room.

Season: Year-round


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Evert Tennis Academy
10334 Diego Drive South
Boca Raton, FL 33428

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Here's what others have had to say about Evert Tennis Academy.

  • 5-Ball Rating "It is a very unique place! I have 2 children who play tennis and the Evert Tennis Academy became our second home. It is a very personalised academy where the staff on and off the court is going to care about your child. We love the Developmental Program which includes a private lesson every day with a high performance coach. They also really enjoyed spending a week in the dorms. It is very safe, profesional and well organized. We look forward to going back this summer."—A.D., Adv. Int., May 2018
  • 5-Ball Rating "Both my kids have gone to the Evert Tennis Academy multiple times and we can honestly say its been amazing. If your kids are serious about tennis and want to focus working on the fundamentals of the game then this is the place to be. It's a great place help you increase your performance on the court, help with your Sectional and National rankings while having fun in the process. The one on one instruction is excellent!"—A.L., Adv., January 2016
  • 1½-Ball Rating "My teen aged daughter recently attended a week long program at Evert Tennis Camp in Florida. The camp consisted of 5 days, and approximately less than 5 hours per day. We have been looking forward to this summer camp for many months, and I am sad to say that this was VERY disappointing from the start. At her arrival, she was poorly greeted by the staff who were both rude and abrupt. The accommodations are dormitory style, and are absolutely filthy. The bathroom was unsanitary, and the shower door was broken which did not allow it to entirely close. The shower stall was mold covered and full of hair. It also smelled of raw sewage. The 3rd floor room was filled with flying insects and ants climbing up the walls. The bunk beds had very poor mattresses and extremely flat pillows. The HVAC system did not work properly, and the room was either freezing cold or terribly hot and humid. The campers are given the opportunity to eat 3 meal a day, cafeteria style. Breakfast is served from 6-8 am. My daughter and her roommate arrived at 7:40 am on Monday morning, and they were no longer serving. The portions are ridiculously small. For example, one meal consisted of a half of a hamburger, with no option of having more. The campers are given the choice of going grocery shopping and purchase their own food which I highly suggest because of the tiny portions during the week. Also, my daughter was directly told by a staff member that there is NO clinic, first aid, or nurse on the premises. She suffered a fall on the clay court and had a gash on her knee. Blood was dripping down her entire leg and she was covered in clay. The front desk person told her to use the bathroom and handed her a band-aid. There was no antiseptic or anyone willing to look at the bloody cut, until I called the next day and spoke directly to the Supervisor, Tina. Tina was extremely curt with me on the phone, and did not the seem the least bit concerned. Also, if your child is taking medications- the staff does not make a regular attempt to dispense them. It was very evident to my daughter that a majority of the staff seemed clueless at many times. The mental conditioning which is part of the program is also ridiculous. Essentially, it focuses on one element or topic. For this particular week, it was "breathing". The conditioning part was no more than basic warm ups. My daughter remarked that it seemed like elementary school gym class. I suggest the developmental program which starts as early as 7 am. This is 1:1 and the campers benefit the most from this instruction. My daughter was paired with the instructor, Ryan. He was very good and informative, and gave her some useful tips. Also, if the Evert courts are all in use, the campers are transported to nearby public courts, or the nearby country club. Again, something we were not expecting from the description on Evert's website. Evert's vans are also dirty and often overcrowded with too many campers. Essentially they are just piled into a van with no little concern about safety. For these reasons, and many more, our child WILL NOT be returning to Evert, nor will I recommend the facility or program to any interested student. The rooms are poorly maintained, and are health hazards. Some staff members are terribly untrained, and the food is basically nothing. Also, they do not give the students water breaks- even in blazing 95 degree heat. My daughter and her group of 4 was DENIED water. Overall, this was NOT an award winning experience, and I highly suggest that if you are looking for a summer camp, that you look elsewhere- AND NOT AT EVERT."—S.D., Adv. Int., July 2015
  • 5-Ball Rating "My junior had an incredible experience at the Everett Camp. I would rate it as very good."—L.K., Adv., September 2010

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