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Photo of Emilio Sanchez Academy Barcelona, El Prat de Llobregat, , Spain
Courtesy Emilio Sanchez Academy

Emilio Sanchez Academy Barcelona

El Prat de Llobregat, Spain

Founded by former Spanish touring pro Emilio Sanchez, this academy outside Barcelona operates both full-time and short-time academies for juniors as well as training facilities for touring pros. Its "High Performance" programs take a broad approach that goes beyond technique, tactics, fitness, and mental skills by also including periodization and planning, nutrition, equipment services, and specialist coaches. Its campus comprises 27 red-clay, hard, Rebound Ace, and artificial grass courts as well as mini tennis courts, a fitness center, tennis lab (for viewing videos), jogging tracks, an equestrian center, swimming pools, and a couple of lodging options.

There are two short-term programs, which can be booked in increments of a week: one that runs year-round, a second in summe, both with language study as part of the curriculum. Essentially, campers spend four hours/day on tennis, another one to two hours on fitness, and two hours on language. See the website for details as well as information about the long-term options. 

Season: Year-round


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Emilio Sanchez Academy Barcelona

Autovia de Castelldefels (C-31), km. 190
El Prat de Llobregat, 08820 Spain

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Here's what others have had to say about Emilio Sanchez Academy Barcelona.

  • 4½-Ball Rating "They need to improve language program as for us that was also important part of the program but you did not consider this seriously and mess up spanish lessons with Italian!!!(i dont know how this is possible as italian was never mention) and reduced number of hours from 10 to 8 as Friday was not class."—A.B., Adv. Int., July 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Amazing facility!! Great food as well and numerous eating options Tennis program is the best in the world Close to the airport so easy to get to"—L.W., Adv., April 2018
  • 5-Ball Rating "Great experience overall! Excellent tennis training, great atmosphere and all coaches an staff really making sure you kid has a great experience while learning serious tennis! Highly recommended for kids who love tennis."—S.D., Adv., April 2018
  • 5-Ball Rating "Academia S├ínchez-Casal is an outstanding place for anyone to learn and enjoy tennis. I highly recommend this outstanding place and superb teaching staff."—J.R., Adv., April 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Very focussed training methods.... focus, respect and discipline being some of the core values....and I have already seen them instilled in both my children. Immediate results seen in all areas."—B.S., Adv. Int., April 2018
  • 5-Ball Rating "Staff is very professional, from the shuttle driver to the head coach. This is the place to learn the Spanish Method which focus on movement and fitness. My daughter had a great time and learned a lot from very attentive and knowledgeable coaches. They provided a detailed written assessment of my daughters strengths and weaknesses. Great location, very close to the International airport (10 minutes by taxi). Shuttle is available for pickup and drop-off to major centers in Barcelona. Had a chance to chat with one of the founders, Sergio Casal, who was playing in the next court where my daughter played. Very friendly and down to earth which reflects the rest of the staff in the academy and camp."—C.P., Adv., July 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—S.C., Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Pros: Great coaches, family environment, professional, impressive facilities Cons: Away from city center, need own transportation"—A.D., Adv. Int., April 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—J.D., Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—N.Q., Adv., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating ""—X.F., Int., April 2016
  • 1-Ball Rating "Worst tennis experience ever! Firstly it's a battle trying to book - no one replies to emails, when you phone it's always someone else who you need to speak to and they're not there. The third time we tried to book (not lucky) we succeeded (the day before our trip, after weeks of calls & emails!).
    Accommodation - our son, 13, wanted to stay with us so we tried to establish what the onsite accommodation comprised. Again, little information available, no photos, just 'its nice' from someone on the end of the phone. We said we'll try it. Big mistake!
    Upon arrival the taxi driver drops you in a car park, no signs to tell you where to go, no one to greet you. Instead you take a guess at the direction and lug all your luggage in 35 degree heat down a long walkway (the first part gravel). You go in the big building and there's a desk with a woman sat at it. No smiles, no welcome, no offer of a drink or help with luggage. Just told to wait 10 minutes for someone to check us in.
    Once they've got your credit card swiped they take you to a shed which is supposed to be for you to stay in! Completely wooden paneled like a sauna inside with 2 mdf strips against a wall for a bed! We walked straight back out and ordered a taxi to the nearest hotel. When I asked for a refund on the accommodation I was told there's a 2 night minimum cancellation charge! Unbelievable!
    The tennis was utterly rubbish! We have been to Bollittieri (excellent) and La Manga (ok) but this was the standard of an average local tennis club back home. The kids spent 5 hours a day hitting balls to each other, there was no structure to the program, the coaches showed little interest, one sat smoking by the pool every lunchtime. Ratio of one coach per 8 kids, not good, especially when 2 coaches had a chat together leaving 16 kids to get on with it. One good coach that was there was leaving at the end of the week. They were told to play tiebreaks against each other or games such as champions. All basic holiday camp stuff, not what we signed up for. Luckily the kids that were there were a pretty good standard (not being regulars there!) so at the very least they were hitting against decent players.
    The 'fitness' sessions were a joke, just playing games like dodgeball, not a professional fitness session at all. There was no strength & conditioning all week. Half the kids were picking up injuries every morning. Not sure if this was through lack of decent warm up or if they just wanted to sit out as it was so tedious.
    The food was basic cheap stuff. Nothing organic or natural here! We came to Sanchez with a view to sending our son here full time... we'll never be going back!"
    —C.B., Adv., September 2012

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