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Santa Barbara, California

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Here's what others have had to say about Brady Tennis Camp.

  • 3½-Ball Rating ""—W.S., Pro, July 2020
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—M.P., Adv. Int., October 2019
  • 4-Ball Rating "First time to Brady Camp and it was great. Pros were friendly and very knowledgeable. I hope to do it again and bring additional friends."—D.E., Int., October 2019
  • 3½-Ball Rating "I have told my friends that this camp is very grueling and a go-hard work out, and lots of fun if you are in shape. The food is not fantastic but you’re so hungry after the workouts that you gobble it up. You can be roomed with a stranger, so if you are shy it would not work for you. I am not shy and it was great to have a roommate to become friends with. The instructors are awesome, the Brady family. Some of their up-and-coming younger assistants need more experience but they will become awesome in the future With the Bradys guiding them."—L.A., Low Int., September 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Brady Tennis Camps are so much fun. You get high quality instruction for not a lot of money compared to other camps I've researched. The social atmosphere is great too. If you travel by yourself it is easy to make some new friends and have people to hang out with during the week/weekend. The camp venue that I went to (UCSB) is also wonderful. It is a beautiful location with great weather and you really feel like you are having a great tennis vacation. I can't recommend this camp highly enough."—S.N., Int., August 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—D.P., Adv. Int., July 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "All those attending were quite friendly and helpful. It didn't matter where you ended up each day. Almost all the staff, including coaches, were knowledgeable and adapted their instruction to a person's skills or lack thereof. A most enjoyable atmosphere!"—R.J., Int., July 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Excellent camp! Great instructors! Dedicated instructors who provided wonderful feedback and tips. Instruction given during drills and during match play to help you improve."—N.R., Int., July 2019
  • 3-Ball Rating "I attended the Adult Tennis Camp run by the Brady family. Instruction was okay for a fairly large group and individual feedback was limited. I might have enjoyed the camp more if it were not for the lodging at the Tropicana Gardens. You get what you pay for and it was your typical dorm setting. There was a concurrent kids tennis camp being run and they unfortunately were staying at the same lodging. As far as I can tell, there was absolutely no supervision of these kid of various ages as they ran and screamed from approximately 5pm till “quite time” which was around 10pm. It was truly an awful experience. After spending an entire day on the courts, you couldn’t even relax due to the excessive screaming. All the children seems to be housed on the second floor with the adult campers on the ground floor. It was a nightmare. So much so, I would never attend this camp again nor as a parent would I feel comfortable sending a kid to stay at this camp."—A.V., Int., July 2019
  • 4-Ball Rating "Excellent camp experience! A friend and I participated in the camp, we are men's 4 to 4.5 level players and we had a wonderful experience. Kip and Kevin do a great job, they make it fun and everybody learns something new. You'll get a good aerobic workout with many of the drills, you get a chance to hit some tennis balls prior to going to the BNP tournament."—M.S., Adv., March 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I attended the Brady Camp during the Indian Wells BNP tournament. The tennis camp runs from 8 am to 11am, and is fantastic! Great instruction and flexibility as well. When camp concludes, its off to watch the best tennis players in the world. What a great combination!"—G.L., Adv. Int., March 2019
  • 4-Ball Rating "Beautiful resort with a great tennis facility. The Brady family runs an extremely fun, challenging and organized weekend with opportunity for tennis players of all levels to improve, be challenged and have fun. We had an absolute blast!"—J.P., Int., October 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating "This was our first Brady Tennis Camp, and it won't be our last. Judging from the number of repeat campers, we knew right away that this must be a good camp. We were right about that. The first morning began with skill fundamental sessions, targeted at each level of player, and progressed through match-play scenarios and fun tennis games over the weekend. We left the camp dog-tired but feeling like we were better players with the info we needed to keep moving ahead."—J.P.,  October 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I have been going to Brady Tnnis Camp at Univ. Santa Barbara as a 4.0 Mens SIngle Player since 2009. I play about 10-12 USTA Tournaments a year for Southern California. I have never left the Brady Tennis Camp without picking up a game changing tip to help me impove my game. The Brady Camps help us show the correct techniques to make our improvements at ALL levels of players and the opportunities to practice them with coaching during the camps."—M.I., Int., September 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Brady Tennis Camp is extraordinary! My teammates and I not only had the best time making memories on the court, but we learned tennis strategies and skills. We made new friends, and enjoyed touring beautiful Santa Barbara. It was a delightful week of pure fun. The Brady family is not only professional, but customer service is their speciality. As well, they made sure all campers had a great time and everyone of all skill levels had a variety of experiences on the court. With out a doubt, anyone who loves tennis should attend this camp. By far, it is the best tennis camp and I would recommend it to anyone over Nike adult camp in a heart beat. I have been more than once to this camp and highly recommend the hotel over the dorms. The price of the camp which inculudes this lodgingis an incredible deal and very nice. Best expericence of tennis camp I have ever had and all thanks to the Bradys."—A.B., Int., August 2018
  • 3½-Ball Rating "If you want great value for your investment Brady Tennis Camp is it! Run by the Brady family the camp at University of California in Santa Barbara was well organized everyday - lots of instruction,drills and match play. It was different from other camps as it was not at a resort. I stayed at a near by hotel Pacifica Suites - in Goleta which was just 5 minutes away. It was a great week of eat, sleep, tennis and met some great people. I will retutn with some of our team members!"—V.A., Int., August 2018
  • 4½-Ball Rating "My first year attending and had a great time. Great instruction in the morning and then fun match play after lunch. I learned so much and had the opportunity to put my new skills to work in the afternoon. Lots of individual attention even with a group setting. I will definitely attend again. My daughter and husband have attended three years now and love it as well. Great family experience by a great family! Love that my junior can attend camp at the same time!"—K.C., Adv. Int., August 2018
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Friendly staff. Great accommodation. Informative sessions. Fun community."—P.T., Beg., August 2018
  • 5-Ball Rating "This camp has it all!! We had 3 hours of instruction in the morning and then a nice break for lunch. We would return in the afternoon for match play and some drills. There are enough courts that the instructor student ratio was about 1:6. We had really fun instructional games each day. During match play there was usually a coach standing by to give on court instruction and strategy tips. Instructors were encouraging and very knowledgeable. They truly love the game of tennis and care about their campers. The staff goes out of their way to ensure each camper has a fantastic experience! We stayed at the hotel, which was extremely nice for a Best Western and a great price point. We were also offered recreational passes to the university which was super.. There were also evening optional activities. Additional private lessons are offered at a very reasonable price."—K.G., Adv., August 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating "This is my third year attending the Brady tennis camp in Santa Barbara, which is always an enjoyable experience. This year I brought my two children for the first time, who loved the junior tennis camp. The Bradys are a wonderful family and three Brady generations, along with a number of other excellent coaches, are involved in putting together a spectacular program. Most importantly, the people that attend are lovely, and encompass beginner, intermediate and expert players."—D.M., Low Int., August 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating "This 5-day camp exceeded expectations! The instruction was excellent and we covered everything from strategy to serves, including ground strokes, cross shots, drop shots, volleys, lobs, slices, returns, footwork, etc. This is the rare camp where you walk away with markedly improved skills and technique. My serve got SO much better and I am so pleased! The instructors were fabulous and great at answering our questions. We’ve been to other good camps and clinics across the US but this one is a standout. We are definitely going back for more and highly recommend the Brady Tennis Camps."—C.W., Int., July 2018
  • 3½-Ball Rating "The tennis instructors were knowledgeable and friendly. Each court is set up for particular strokes. It includes both practical and technical aspects. For the casual and more serious player, there was a platform for both levels to improve . The camp focused primarily on doubles which was appropriate for the age level. I would hope they would nonetheless offer more singles play and strategy. It was a great and rewarding experience all around."—P.C., Adv. Int., July 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—J.T., Adv. Int., July 2018
  • 3½-Ball Rating ""—J.D., Int., July 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—L.C., Adv. Int., July 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating "I love attending this camp. I do it every time that I attend the BNP Paribas Open. There is morning tennis Saturday and Sunday, as well as dinner with evening doubles. It fits in very well with the tournament. You can attend Thursday and Friday, but I haven't done it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to both play tennis and watch the pros . Very good value."—M.T., Adv. Int., March 2018
  • 4-Ball Rating "The Brady Bunch puts on an excellent camp for those looking to improve their tennis game, plan on an action packed weekend. Everything from ground strokes, overheads, volleying and serves are emphasized. Met a great group of people from all over."—M.K., Int., August 2017
  • 5-Ball Rating "Brady Tennis Camp is a fantastic experience for a tennis lover. The instructors are skilled and knowledgeable and the campers are friendly, fanatic tennis lovers. You will get a great workout, play a ton of tennis, meet many super friendly people and almost certainly learn something in the process. We have gone to many camps over the years, and the Brady's are certainly among the best we have enjoyed. Try it, you'll like it!"—M.M., Adv., August 2017
  • 4-Ball Rating "Video review of strokes at beginning was effective for identifying areas for improvement especially for visual learners. Individual instruction without being singled out. Fun, yet challenging. Great value!"—N.S., Int., July 2017
  • 4-Ball Rating "I had a great time at the tennis camp. They showed us videos of our strokes at the beginning of camp and gave us feedback. Having specific things to work on through the camp and now at home was extremely beneficial. The pros were fun and created a positive learning environment with specific feedback for improvement."—J.N., Int., July 2017
  • 4-Ball Rating "This was my husband and my first time attending a Brady Tennis camp. We just finished the two day Adult camp at UC Santa Barbara. They were recommended by one of our tennis team partners and we were a group of six. I would highly recommend it to any level player but especially to 3.5, 4.0 doubles players. Both KIP and Kevin worked on our doubles games as well as improving fundamental strokes and serves. The atmosphere was fun and competitive and we definitely felt like we were improving. The video analysis was our favorite part because KIP was able to pinpoint areas in our swings we needed to focus on. Driving through the ball, extending the arms and pronation on the serve. We stayed at the Coastal Inn Best Western and were pleasantly surprised by the pool, jacuzzi and beautiful gardens. A delightful quick getaway!"—K.M., Adv. Int., July 2017
  • 3-Ball Rating "I would highly recommend Brady Tennis Camp. They were very thorough on Working on your individual needs. I learned a lot, and would attend again."—M.F., Adv. Int., July 2017
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Family business brings in top college players to augment teaching staff - and they are given focused assignments and do very well in brief rotating stations. Try to mix in fun games but serious players prefer drills and critiqued match simulation. Having been in business for decades operations run smoothly, on time and utilize top quality facilities. Morning clinic followed by pro event is a winning combination. Looking forward to returning."—E.B., Adv. Int., November 2016
  • 3½-Ball Rating "The camp was very fun coaches were all great. The drills, round robins, etc were all fun and educational. I learned a lot but wished they had new balls. Seemed like all of the balls were used and flat. Should bring out new balls for the adult tennis camp - that was the main disappointment."—J.L., Int., October 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating "Hi! I had a great week at the Brady tennis camp. Great instructors and we played a lot of tennis!"—S.B., Adv., September 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I loved the casual approach.. Pros were talented and offered great skill instruction. I attended even though I had a serious knee injury and was unable to participate in all activities. Pros were very accommodating and included me when I felt able."—K.B., Adv., August 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating "The weeklong camp in the summer is perfect. You're grouped according to ability in small groups. Each day has a focus where you learn technique and strategy. For example- groundstrokes, serves, offensive shots, defensive shots, footwork etc. You also have match play every day. I've been going for years and I love it."—M.A., Int., August 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating "Lots of good tips and practice from coaches with practical advice"—L.H., Int., August 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating "The Brady staff does a fabulous job of teaching fundamentals and coaching strategy, especially doubles strategy. The instructors are all accomplished players and effective teachers. The camp is an effective mix of skills and drills combined with competitive play. All the staff members are friendly and anxious to help. They create a fun and competitive environment. Last year I attended for a weekend. This year I signed up for the week-long camp. I look forward to attending again next year."—S.G., Int., August 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I've attended many of the Brady Tennis Camps over the years and at several of their resort locations from La Costa Resort in San Diego, Palm Desert, and in Santa Barbara (on campus of UCSB). Each time and each location has always be such a great weekend away with my wife. The pro staff are truly skilled & accomplished in there own right (College Scholarships, Semi-Pro and some even on the Pro Tour). Our sons have enjoyed the overnight camps at Santa Barbara. Highly recommend. Great Vibe. Great Tennis."—M.W., Adv. Int., May 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating "Great instructors, knowledgeable, patient and inspiring. Student players were good people, too. Good recognition of players of all levels and real improvement of skills."—L.S., Adv., April 2016
  • 5-Ball Rating "The tennis camp is very impressive. I love all the coaches Kevin, Kip and Carol. They are very friendly and patient. They have years of experience of teaching and organizing camps. The camp was very fun. We also experienced different surface of the courts. We played at clay courts which I had never played before. The Brady camp is different from other camps I have been. I felt like I was in a big family. Coach Kip right away found my backhand weakness even though I have been taking tennis lessons with other coaches for years. Everyone got along well and had lots of fun. It is not only a intensive tennis camp but also a mental relaxation. It definitely worth it."—Y.L., Adv. Int., April 2016
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Great Value. I checked many other of Camp options for myself and my kids and I can find a better deal. And also some of the pros were excellent. And facility in Santa Barbara was awesome. FYI the food and warm was okay since sometimes I was at the dorm rooms yet still comfortable."—C.R., Adv., April 2016
  • 5-Ball Rating "I am very impressed with the Brady's camp. What a beautiful family. The Brady brothers and sisters are giving us their best professional tennis skills. They made the camp a big tennis family. They made it so much fun. They care about us. They did video taping to show us how our stroke look like and gave us individual instructions. They also have the best junior camps. My son loves coach Kip. After the camp, everybody is telling me how much improvement my son has made during the camp. We learned a lot from the camp. We will go back again soon!"—E.F., Adv., April 2016
  • 5-Ball Rating "This is the best tennis camp We have ever been played. The coaches put their heart into the players technic. They made the camps so much fun. We would love to do many many more camps with them."—M.F., Int., April 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating "This camp runs in conjunction with the BNP tennis tournament at Indian Wells. You play in the morning, then watch the pros play, and then come back and play in the evening. It's fun to learn new techniques, then watch the pros execute, and come back at night and try it again after seeing how it's really done. Nice campers from all over the country, I highly recommend."—P.A., Adv., April 2016
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—K.C., Beg., April 2016
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Well structured covering all aspects of singles/doubles play. Fun and competitive drills. Instructors were friendly, observant, helpful. Only weakness was the cost, it has risen dramatically over the past few years. If it keeps rising as it has, at some point the camp will not seem worth the cost."—L.S., Adv. Int., April 2016
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Great individualized instruction."—S.O., Int., April 2016
  • 4-Ball Rating "Good emphasis on fundamentals. Very good focus on Volleying and serving, two under practiced parts of the game. Good mix of demonstration, drills and games."—S.W., Adv. Int., April 2016
  • 3½-Ball Rating ""—D.T., Int., April 2016
  • 3-Ball Rating "The Brady family and curriculum were outstanding and I would attend their camps again. There were two options for housing. One was a small hotel in Isla Vista, or university dorms. I signed up perhaps a little late, and hotels were sold out so my only option was a dorm with two other women. The dorms were in deplorable condition, so I had to go find the last hotel room in Santa Barbara at an additional cost. Note to all that attend, it is a full 8 hours of tennis daily so be sure your shoes and body are up to it! Overall a lovely weekend of tennis"—C.G., Adv. Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "We go to Brady Tennis Camp every year, and appreciate the consistent instruction and the high level of the instructors!"—S.T., Adv., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "This camp coincided with the BNP Parabas Tennis tournament. I have a home in the desert and leaned of the camp from tennis friends. I really enjoyed the tennis camp. I would recommend going with a group of your tennis friends. I went alone (2 friends had to drop out) and found that most people there were with their tennis groups. The instructors are top notch and very outgoing. I learned a lot and will definitely go back again next year."—B.F., Adv. Int., April 2016
  • 3-Ball Rating "I was in a relatively small group of tennis-ers for a 2D Clinic by the Bradys et al during the Indian Wells Tennis weekend in Mar. 2016. I would say that it was an above average 'camp' leaving room for some improvements to the organization and grouping of the attendees primarily. The Pros were very knowledgeable about tennis but their handling of the logistics of the sub-groups and the mini-clinics did not seem very well designed. I saw 2.5s grouped with 4.0s and while I recognize we all have to work together in a Clinic setting, the idea of a 4.0 playing points against a 2.5 is rather poorly thought out and affects both players negatively. The attention to planning of the 2D event did not seem to take into account our NTRP ratings we submitted on our application to the camp nor the observed warm-ups on the court just before start. As a 4.0 I was able to glean some helpful info for my game, but my likewise 4.0 friend did not have the same experience at all. She, a 4.0, was grouped with 2.5s during the Serve mini-clinic. This was not conducive to the 4.0 learning at all, especially when the Pro told her 'Your serve is fine' (even though she had just changed her Serve) and then proceeded to help ONLY the 2.5s develop even the basic mechanics of a Serve. IMHO, a Clinic of this caliber and expense should be good at helping all Players pretty equally (in time spent and skills shown) that choose to pay and attend, regardless of ranking/abilities. Proper attention, estimation and organization of said Players is of vital importance to a Participant's Camp experience and learning ability and yes, even in this Clinic setting. Thanks for the ability to share..."—C.H., Adv. Int., April 2016
  • 4½-Ball Rating "It was well organised with excellent pros willing to share experience as well patiently working on individuals weaknesses. Worthwhile spending time and money at the same time enjoying weather and beauties of Palm Springs and Indian Wells Tennis Tournament."—Z.Z., Int., April 2016
  • 3-Ball Rating "Pros: All of the instructors were friendly, helpful, and competent. Cons: The large number of players on each court limited personal instruction; the clay courts were in poor condition, with trenches at the baseline resulting in bad bounces; and many of the balls were dead, and, in the morning, most were damp."—C.S., Adv. Int., November 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "This was a very well organized tennis experience. I really enjoyed the whole week. Very knowledgeable staff and the group I was in was a lot of fun! In my opinion this was a great camp for the players that are 3.5 and up. The pace was really geared to help players get to the next level ."—S.B., Adv. Int., August 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The Bradys really know their tennis and they are the friendliest and most approachable folks you will ever meet. I loved this camp. My game has really improved and I am planning to return next year."—J.H., Int., August 2015
  • 4-Ball Rating "Friendly and supportive. Variety of drills. Individual attention and group work. Excellent facility."—R.N., Adv. Int., August 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Just completed the 5-day camp at UCSB. Obviously with this extended time, you receive instruction on all aspects of the game, but more importantly, the Brady's are committed to ensuring you get what you want out of the experience. So if you want to focus on serves... Volleys... Groundies... there's ample opportunity. During match play, they'll ask you if you want singles or doubles, and then they make it happen, with very good even matchups. Strengths: well organized, well thoughtout scheduling of each day's activities, plenty of individual attention, in a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere. No weaknesses."—B.E., Low Int., July 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Strengths are great fundamental instruction with drills to reinforce techniques. Instructors correct and help with improvements during drills and match play. Weaknesses are depending on the size of the class, there is a variable time time with instructors. I always pick up techniques to improve my shot making skills and strategy, result, I was the southern Califoria 4.0 singles champion for 2013 by winning the Grand Prix."—M.I., Int., April 2015
  • 3½-Ball Rating "I've done about 8 Brady camps in various locations in California. The instruction is great. The Brady family has a formula for technique which you can take or leave but they are also very good at pinpointing small, manageable improvements to your game. Their locations are generally not selected for their beauty or facilities as they use high school and university campuses for atleast some of their camps. The Bradys keep you moving, offering a pretty vigorous tennis vacation. Overall, this is a great choice for tennis, less great for a all-in-one tennis vacation - unless you visit their La Costa camp in November. This one, I hear is beautiful."—S.S., Adv., April 2015
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I was very impressed with the professional quality of this tennis camp. It was well run and I got my moneys worth! I highly recommend Brady Tennis Camp. Susanne"—S.C., Adv. Int., August 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Amazing staff! Excellent team with good knowledge of singles strategy and execution of shots. I will attend at least one camp every year. I felt like I got individual attention."—C.G., Adv. Int., August 2014
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—T.M., Adv. Int., August 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great job splitting campers by skill level. Also, good mix of drills, games, strategies, and competition. Skilled coaches provide tips and individual instruction as well as inexpensive private lessons if desired. Our kids enjoy the kids' camp while we partake in the adult camp. We have enjoyed this vacation for four years as the Brady family provide a personal approach."—B.O., Adv. Int., August 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great adult tennis camp! Excellent drills and teaching. Accomodated all levels and the number of people attending very well. Lots and lots of hitting practice and great individual as well as group instruction!"—C.L., Low Int., August 2014
  • 3-Ball Rating "The Brady Family runs this camp headed by brothers Kip and Kevin. This camp moves around Southern California at different times of the.year. In the past I have attended two of their two day camps at the LaCosta Resort in Carlsbad and most recently the five day camp at UC Santa Barbara. The staff gives you personal attention and various drills in a 3 hour session on four courts each going over a different part of the game, followed by a two hour break continuing on for three hours with drills and doubles matches based on ability. All the pros are friendly and approachable and offer private instruction after class which requires addition fees. Casual atmosphere condusive to learning and having fun."—B.M., Int., August 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "If you are looking to improve your tennis skills drastically in just a short amount of time, the Brady tennis camp is the place to go. Along with improving your ground strokes and volleys, you learn to become more mentally prepared in competition through match play with others. There are many other activities in between practices to keep the camp fun and friendly. You make new friends and memories, and overall an amazing experience."—K.H., Adv. Int., July 2014
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Our first time to a tennis camp. This is an amazing learning experience. All 9-10 coaches are incredible! What ever we want to improve we have the best of the best to teach us. From service to back-hand to overhead ... What we have learned and accomplished during this 2-day camp is equivalent to a once-a-wk lesson for 5-6 months. For Service - Thanks to coach Marc and coach Horea! For the one-hand back hand swing - High-5 to coach Evan for the tip - my husband said that was a 'million' dollar tip, and many thanks to coach Kip, Kara, Joe, Tiffany, Kevin, ..."—D.N., Low Int., October 2013
  • 3½-Ball Rating ""—K.P., Low Int., August 2013
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Though this was my first experience attending a tennis camp and I have no actual comparisons, my first venture (with Brady Tennis Camp) was most successful. Through the excellent, enthusiastic, attentive instructors and a variety of drills and simultaneous coaching, I felt a distinct improvement in my confidence and my game. I've played "at" tennis for much of my life, but mostly without the necessary corrections. The camp gave me the motivation to continue improving. Thank you!"—P.S., Low Int., August 2013
  • 3-Ball Rating "The Brady Tennis camp was great. Both days were filled with non-stop tennis play and opportunities to improve your game all while getting great personal coaching."—R.A., Low Int., August 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—L.F., Adv., August 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "The Brady Tennis camp was a great experience for me. Everyone was so helpful and the coaching very professional. I came away inspired to be a better player--wished I had done it 30 years ago! I felt like a kid again."—J.C., Low Int., August 2013
  • 3½-Ball Rating "This was my first tennis camp. It was held at a university so there was no 'resort' experience. However, the tennis camp was fun, friendly and packed with information. I will definitely attend another Brady Tennis Camp again."—L.R., Int., August 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "Very active and comprehensive drills. No sitting around. Good coaching and strategies for doubles. We stayed at a rental home and it was very conveniently located."—J.G., Int., August 2013
  • 5-Ball Rating "Strengths: With the exception of lunch, there was no down-time. It was go, go, go from beginning to end. There were break out stations that allowed you to make it as intense as you wanted it to be. Very helpful video assessment. Coaches roamed during match time to provide real-time tips. Extremely skilled coaches."—E.M., Int., August 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "The camp was excellent! The whole Brady staff was dedicated and very helpful. I don't play tennis as much as I would like. Therefore my inexperience was clearly visible. This did not prevent the staff from being determined to help me as they patiently took the time to teach me and work with me through every step. I hope to be back soon"—D.R., Beg., August 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "The Brady's are a nice family and really care about tennis."—J.B., Adv. Int., August 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—L.F., Int., August 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great instruction, well organized and a ton of fun!"—D.M., Int., August 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "Best Bang for your Buck! This camp at UCSB can be had with or without a dorm room w/ Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 6+ hours of instruction and play/day. They do a great job of matching you to players of similar skill levels and you get a work out. Great for all ages and skill levels, private instruction is also available. I've attended most of their camps all over Southern California. They are my favorite."—B.S., Int., August 2013
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Week long camp was very fun! A variety all day everyday keeps It intereresting and challenging. Coaches always ready to help ! Loved it'"—C.B., Int., August 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "The Brady's are a great family, very friendly and work hard to make things right. Enjoyed a beautiful week in Santa Barbara......dorm beds have a bit to be desired, but for room/board and convenience with a decent cafe you cant beat it. Good time was had by all."—D.C., Adv., August 2013
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Instruction was very helpful; included improvement of all strokes, net play, serve, footwork, drop shot, slice. Drills were challenging and fun! Effort was made to match like level players. Private lessons offered. Instructors were attentive and very helpful. Overall experience was very enjoyable. I believe my game has definitely improved."—I.W., Adv. Int., August 2013
  • 5-Ball Rating "Kip and all the other instructors are extremely knowledgeable on every aspect of the tennis game. They taught me fundamentals along with proper strategies for both singles and doubles play. Their instructions were easy to understand which is very important because I am rather new to the game but was able to catch on rather quickly. I liked how they put the same skill levels into groups which allowed us to not feel over or underwhelmed. We also got the chance to move up and down groups as our skills increased using a bump up and down system during match play.
    When I began the camp I was at the beginner level and as the days passed I was able to move up two levels! I feel like my level of tennis skill increased substantially during the week long camp and I highly recommend it for any level of tennis player!"
    —J.K., Int., August 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating "I just finished the weekend camp in Santa Barbara. The pros were very knowledgeable and friendly. In my past experience it felt like the teaching assistants (typically college kids) were just going through the motions, but not at the Brady camp...they were super friendly, enthusiastic, helpful, and knowledgeable. The schedule was well organized, with lots of drills set up to target several shot/focus areas. We were also able customize our experience by spend more time on the drills we needed most. It was held on a college campus, so not a resort atmosphere, and the dorm accommodations were not 4 star, but the scenery still wasn't bad. All in all a great experience, I'd definitely do it again."—W.R., Adv., August 2013
  • 4½-Ball Rating "This is our second visit to Brady camp. This camp provides a unique opportunity for the avid tennis players to improve their game and have lots of fun at the same time. The quality of instruction is superb and the setting is beautiful. Every time I came back from this camp I feel I am taking my game a notch higher. In a span of a week it is impossible to change your game but what Brady's do an excellent job at pointing out a few aspects and or flaws in you game and then show you the way to improve. I strongly recommend this camp for passionate tennis players."—A.R., Adv., July 2013
  • 1-Ball Rating "Bad drills that do NOT simulate a realistic match situation, some instruction provided seemed to be plain wrong (I have never heard nor seen a pro change their grip during their service motion!), poor equipment --- no ball carts, targets/cones, or ball hoppers. The facilities at UCSB are lacking --- dirty courts, bathrooms either filthy and far away or clean and far, far away. Afternoon sessions included match play but no coaching or “play instruct” during this time, seemed to be time for Kip to take a break. Not a good value for money."—G.M., Adv. Int., July 2013
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—L.A., Int., April 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great, enthusiastic, & Professional staff. Multiple drills rotation keeps you on your feet and learning new things and improvements all day long."—C.T., Adv. Int., April 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I have been attending the Brady Camps in Santa Barbara California for over 4 years as a 4.0 Singles player (current Southern Cal ranking #23). I always get a fix to a tennis technique to improve my game. The drills used are to provide a great learning situation to develop the techiques and strategies we learn in camp as they apply to match play. I would like to see a little more on returning serves. My improvements at Brady Camp have directly improved my competative ranking. At 53 I am still working on technique and strategy improvements. the Brady Camp provides a new look at my game and provides improvements every year. Best camp I have attended and plan on attending again this year."—M.I., Int., April 2012
  • 3½-Ball Rating "I have attended Brady tennis camps for one week each year for the past six years. Kip and Kevin (and the other pros) keep it simple; see ball, hit ball. They usually have college students from UCSB feeding the drills so they (kip and Kevin) can go from court to court giving tips. By the way the college students play for UCSB and are quite good. Also, they offer reasonable priced hitting lessons through out the camp. After returning home each year I feel the camp has improved my game."—S.B., Adv., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "The tennis camp is a great experience and it very much helps my game. It covers both singles and doubles game. I also really think the Brady family are wonderful."—M.S., Adv., April 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I've been to many different tennis camps throughout the US and find that Brady Tennis Camp offers the best value and overall great experience. The small groups are broken down by skill level and you work on stroke production and strategy for singles and doubles. The Brady Family are great people!"—D.W., Adv. Int., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "I was trying to figure out what keeps me coming back to enjoy the Brady camp. A whole lot of it has to do with the staff: excellent, the participants: fun and enthusiastic, new and returning. Pure fun each and every time!"—C.F., Adv., April 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "A friend of mine suggested I try The Brady Tennis Camp after hearing me say how I wanted to improve my game. At first I was skeptical seeing how I would have to fly all the way from florida but after looking at all my options it seemed quite reasonable even with the price of the plane ticket. Not having any professional training before my technique was lacking. I didn't realize how much untill after attending the camp. The instructors were extremely knowledgable and had a way of simplifying the instruction to where anyone could understand. Excellent overall camp. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their game."—A.B., Low Int., April 2012
  • 3½-Ball Rating "I learned a lot, especially on doubles play, volley & groundstrokes. I didn't get frustrated when I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong because of the instant and constant feedback. Kevin, Kip and their teaching staff are knowledgeable, and more important, PATIENT!! They made the camp very fun too. and can't beat the fantastic Southern Cal weather we had that weekend too..."—C.M., Low Int., April 2012
  • 3½-Ball Rating "great staff, instructions and atmosphere; great value for hours of instructions"—J.L., Int., April 2012
  • 5-Ball Rating "Fantastic staff and teaching methods. Learned lots with the Brady's and highly recommend any friends and family to go if they want to improve their game."—B.W., Int., April 2012
  • 5-Ball Rating "Professional, courteous, respectful and kind instructors. The best tennis camp I've ever been too. I love the way everything is runs so smooth without even having to think about what to do next. I always walk away with new skills, techniques and most importantly, improved mental tennis. I love how the Brady's make me feel special. They have a unique way of teaching without being obnoxious or pushy. I highly recommend the Brady Tennis Camps!"—D.T., Adv., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "If you want to hit a lot of balls, get great coaching and come away having elevated your level of play, then attend a Brady Tennis Camp! They are down to earth people who love sharing the game of tennis with the world.
    The camps are fun and very inclusive for all levels. The only weakness would be is that they don't offer more of them. If they ever offer a camp on grass during Wimbledon (in Calif) or one on Clay (@ La Costa) during the French... I would be there every year!"
    —D.A., Adv., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "As well as holding camps in some of the most beautiful locales, the Brady family of instructors used their years of championship tennis experience to provide great personal attention and tennis instruction throughout the week."—B.G., Adv. Int., April 2012
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Strenghts: I've now been to three Brady tennis camps because I love it. The instructors truly care about you improving your game and treat you like family. They are very proficient and have good tennis backgrounds (for example Kip Brady is a former ATP Pro). The variety of lessons and match play really help what you learn sink in. As a bonus, it's also a lot of fun! Weakness : wish they had more camps throughout the year."—P.A., Adv. Int., April 2012
  • 5-Ball Rating "I attended the week-long camp in Santa Barbara. The staff was great, I felt comfortable and learned a ton while I was there. I feel like my strategy really improved, especially my doubles game. i enjoyed the variety of the clinic, and also the competitive match play. It was a very well-rounded camp. I loved the surroundings, and there was a lot of great stuff nearby to do once camp was done for the day. I recommend this camp to all of my friends. I would love to go to another Brady Tennis Camp, it was such an awesome experience!"—J.A., Adv. Int., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "I attended their weeklong camp in Santa Barbara. It was excellent. The level of instruction was top notch, the drills were good and we had some fun competitive matches in the afternoons. I definitely saw improvement in my game. I highly recommend the Brady Camp!"—D.A., Int., April 2012
  • 4-Ball Rating "The Bradys have some good seasoned pros teaching the tennis camps. I took the weekend camp at the Home Depot Center in LA. My second tennis camp with the Bradys. I enjoyed their format and teaching methods. The video analysis is helpful in identifying problem areas and working on them. It may be useful for the Bradys to communicate some expectations and needs of the campers; for example, whether food, sport drinks, sun screen are available on site or the campers need to bring along. Overall, a fun camp for adults."—S.L., Int., May 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating ""—G.C., Adv. Int., May 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "When I was looking for a tennis camp, I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd never attended one before. Brady Tennis Camp looked good for a first time experience and I wasn't dissappointed. Getting a chance to work on all components of my game as well as meet and be challenged by other players met my objectives. The staff of pros did a great job in giving personal instruction, all with a keen eye for where my techniques could improve with easy enough instructions to make the corrections needed. As an example, just 15 minutes with the serving pro and my toss problems are becoming a thing of the past. Video taping of my groundstrokes and serve gave me feedback on what I was doing right (and wrong).
    The schedule of morning clinics, afternoon pick-a-court and supervised match play worked well. I've been playing just a bit over a year, taking clinics at my club (Oakland Hills Tennis Club) and playing USTA Womens and Mixed Doubles at the 3.0 level. Having 2 days of concentrated effort around my game provided more focus and increased my confidence."
    —S.H., Low Int., May 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating ""—B.S., Adv., May 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Very friendly atmosphere with mature instructors. Lots of really good drills and many of the activities are just a lot of fun to do."—J.D., Int., May 2010
  • 5-Ball Rating "Great time at the camp. Friendly and knowledgeable staffs. Would recommend without reservation."—T.H., Int., April 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Fun week of tennis for juniors and adults. Would recommend it for anyone looking to improve their game in a relaxed setting."—R.E., Int., April 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "The Brady Tennis is an excellent camp to attend solo, with a spouse, with friends or as a family. It is the best tennis camp I have ever attended and everyone should take at least one Brady Camp a year. The format and the instructors are phenomenal and it is a lot of fun too. I highly recommend this tennis camp."—N.C., Adv. Int., April 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Brady camp offers both weekend and week long stays, which makes it convenient for thos who work during the week or those that just want to work on their tennis all week long. I've only attended the weekend sessions and it's jam-packed with activity. I like the group size and how everyone in the group is around the same level. I also like rotating through the different drills they have, which allow me to work on different aspects of my game - groundstrokes, serves, volleys, etc.
    The camp also mixes in strategy lessons, which is important for match play. They provide lots of opportunity for practice matches, and have a mini tournament at tne end of camp. There is one aspect of camp which I think is a bit of a disadvantage for the more advanced players. They have an option where you can go to any pro's court and get more instruction on whatever the pro is teaching at that court.
    It seems like the beginners benefit more from this and receive more instruction and attention, which doesn't seem to benefit me if I wanted to be part of the mix. So most likely I end up going to the least crowded court, which is not necessarily the court I want to be on. But other than that, the camp is great, the locations are great (I've been to almost all of the southern CA locations), the games are fun, the pros are fantastic, and you get a good workout plus tips you can take back home with you and practice on your own."
    —C.D., Adv., April 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I've been attending Brady camps since I moved out west several years ago. I've spent a lot of time attending camps over the years, primarily in Florida, I have pretty high expectations and I've found very, very few camps that satisfy my expectations. The Brady camps, weekend or week long, have consistently provided me with the right blend of fitness, strategic and technical training. They've also mad enough quality players in attendance to make things interesting and to make me work hard during competitive drills and match play. The bottom line is that I've always left their camps exhausted, having learned something, and most importantly, playing at my absolute best.
    Honestly, the biggest weakness of their camps is simply that they do not have enough of them. I'd love to be able to attend camp at least one weekend per-month."
    —M.M., Adv., April 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "I've been going to the Brady Tennis for the past 5 years and I've enjoyed the instruction, strategy, video sessions and of course sunny Santa Barbara. The Brady Pros are great and the exhibition match is not to be missed! You will hundreds of balls and watch your game improve beyond your expectations."—S.Q., Adv., April 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Great family atmosphere for learning and growing my tennis game. The teachers were all top flight college players who also played on the tour for a bit. Also, you can tell that they have all taught together for years because they anticipate your needs and evaluate your progress very well."—B.G., Adv. Int., April 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Brady Camps offer a wide variety of camps from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs and from two days to an entire week. The one I attended was at Indian Wells (Palm Springs) during the BNP Paribas Open. In addition to the top level tennis instruction, both group and private, we attended two days of the pro tournament. It was awesome! The Brady's are some of the most pleasant and enjoyable people you can meet. The camp I attended offered three levels of hotel accommodations which is nice, but you are on your own for food. I will be attending the two day camp this week in Los Angeles and a week long adult camp in Santa Barbara this summer."—K.S., Int., April 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I enjoyed the two Brady camps my husband and I attended. I was anxious because my husband is a 3.5 and I am only a 2.5. The camp was wonderful! They truly work well with all ability levels! The groups were kept small and the quality of instruction was high! Santa Barbara was a wonderful location (as well as Palm Springs)! We plan on going a week every summer!"—M.D., Low Int., April 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "The camp features retired tour pro Kip Brady and family(father, brother, sister) along with other pros who are all accomplished tennis players. The camp pros each keep a station that teaches and drills on a particular shot. The students are divided into ability levels and each level rotates amoung the various pro's station. I have found that most of the pros are extremely good at giving individual hints related to the particular shot that I am working on. It has helped my tennis game immensely."—G.H., Adv., April 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Good balance of technique sessions and match play. positive instructors. most instructors competed at a college level and at least one instructor was on the pro tour. draws players of all levels."—L.R., Adv., April 2010
  • 5-Ball Rating "Brady Tennis Camps are the best! The instructors are amazing! The Brady Family knows so much about tennis and are so personable! It's a great variety of drills/fun games/ and match play!"—K.W., Adv. Int., April 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Kip and Kevin are terrific. They have it very well organized and give you the sense that you are having ultimate fun while truly learning or improving skills. The atmosphere the staff creates for the kids is second-to-none. Honestly, the Brady Camp is lean on weaknesses, perhaps the only thing being the dorm setting for the overnight, however, the UCSB campus is just awesome adjacent to the ocean..."—F.C., Adv., April 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "Strengths: Instructors really know how to teach and demonstrate the skills to fit different levels. They make it fun, entertaining, and educational. We practice what they preach and it actually sinks in. Weakenesses: They don't do these camps often enough."—L.S., Adv., April 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "I really enjoyed attending the weekend Brady Camp at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. (It is where the WTA holds their summer tournament) The Brady's are organized and the camp runs smoothly. I really liked working on different aspects of the game for 30 minutes without interruption. The pace was fast, but not too fast. The instruction and feedback were well worth it. I also like the video analysis. I have recommend the camp to friend and they had similar experiences. Thanks Brady's!"—J.F., Int., April 2010
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I have been to this camp twice. After my husband went and thought it was great, we took the family to the family camp. The kids loved it, and so did we. It was challenging, fun, and we saw improvement in our skills. I next invited my teammates (when they asked how I had improved) and we had a weekend at Indian Wells, loved the camp and seeing the finals. Instruction is great, friendly family atmosphere, and great instruction."—D.B., Low Int., April 2010
  • 5-Ball Rating "I attended the Brady Tennis Camps at three different locations. All three locations are run the same way. Well organized, well rounded drills targeting specific areas of tennis, fun competitions. What I like most is the full immersion experience. For two days, I'm focus on nothing but tennis. The UCSB location is a great vacation get away for the budget consious. La Costa is much more upscale and priced accordingly for a more luxurious get away. The Home depot Center, is a great facility that offers local residents a great way to make an inexpensive day trip."—L.V., Adv. Int., April 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "Strenght: The Brady Tennis Camp provides expert, quality tennis instruction provided by qualified, experienced and friendly pro instructors! Weakness: NONE--Not enough time in the day to enjoy the valuable experience! :)"—E.C., Adv. Int., April 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "The Brady Tennis Camp is run by an amazing family of accomplished tennis players and their crew. They offer a great opportunity to improve your tennis game and have fun at the same time."—J.B., Adv., April 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—M.W., Int., April 2010
  • 3½-Ball Rating "Great coaching with classic tennis drills."—S.T., Adv., April 2010
  • 1½-Ball Rating "Went to the 2-day camp in Carson, CA. It was my very first tennis camp. First, I have to say that the instructors were very nice guys, but I was expecting so much more than what I got. I was most looking forward to the video analysis, but it ended up being very disappointing... just a quick 4 minute overview after being tape recorded less than a minute... I really wanted all my strokes anayalized and then given time to work on what they suggested. Went to the 2-day camp in Carson, CA. It was my very first tennis camp. First, I have to say that the instructors were very nice guys, but I was expecting so much more than what I got. I was most looking forward to the video analysis, but it ended up being very disappointing... just a quick 4 minute overview after being tape recorded less than a minute... I really wanted all my strokes anayalized and then given time to work on what they suggested. The last 3 hours of each day consisted of doubles matches with hardly no instruction... I could have done that back home. Also, during the doubles matches I was paired with people way below my level so I did not want to "hit out" on my shots against someone just learning how to play. The drills offered a little more instruction, but the critique was said in passing. For example, in the groundstoke clinic, there were maybe 10-15 students and one instructor. We all lined up and started hitting a series of forehands, one student following another. But because it was a rapid paced drill, when the instructor commented on your stroke, you just couldn't stop the drill so you can ask for specifics of his instruction. Like one time he said that my stroke was a little wristy. I wanted to ask questions like at what point was I wristy, why I was wristy on that particular shot (was I hitting the ball late?). Kinda bummed about this camp.
    The last 3 hours of each day consisted of doubles matches with hardly no instruction... I could have done that back home. Also, during the doubles matches I was paired with people way below my level so I did not want to "hit out" on my shots against someone just learning how to play. Went to the 2-day camp in Carson, CA. It was my very first tennis camp. First, I have to say that the instructors were very nice guys, but I was expecting so much more than what I got. I was most looking forward to the video analysis, but it ended up being very disappointing... just a quick 4 minute overview after being tape recorded less than a minute... I really wanted all my strokes anayalized and then given time to work on what they suggested. The last 3 hours of each day consisted of doubles matches with hardly no instruction... I could have done that back home. Also, during the doubles matches I was paired with people way below my level so I did not want to "hit out" on my shots against someone just learning how to play. The drills offered a little more instruction, but the critique was said in passing. For example, in the groundstoke clinic, there were maybe 10-15 students and one instructor. We all lined up and started hitting a series of forehands, one student following another. But because it was a rapid paced drill, when the instructor commented on your stroke, you just couldn't stop the drill so you can ask for specifics of his instruction. Like one time he said that my stroke was a little wristy. I wanted to ask questions like at what point was I wristy, why I was wristy on that particular shot (was I hitting the ball late?). Kinda bummed about this camp.
    The drills offered a little more instruction, but the critique was said in passing. For example, in the groundstoke clinic, there were maybe 10-15 students and one instructor. We all lined up and started hitting a series of forehands, one student following another. But because it was a rapid paced drill, when the instructor commented on your stroke, you just couldn't stop the drill so you can ask for specifics of his instruction. Like one time he said that my stroke was a little wristy. I wanted to ask questions like at what point was I wristy, why I was wristy on that particular shot (was I hitting the ball late?). Kinda bummed about this camp."
    —J.A., Adv. Int., February 2010
  • 1-Ball Rating "Attended a two-day Brady Camp at La Costa resort (just north of San Diego) in November 2009. I brought 10 other 4.0 players from my USTA league team. The following comments represent the overwhelming consensus of all who attended.
    1. Very minimal instruction-- prior to each drill, instructors spent maybe 2 minutes talking about very obvious stuff to a group of 4.0/4.5 players...things like "keep your eye on the ball" and "be sure to follow through".
    2. Drills were poorly designed and had too many players involved with too few instructors -- both players and instructors spend way too much time just trying to organize the drill and keep it moving, rather than on on executing proper strokes (players) or providing feedback (instructors). Some drills had 20+ players running all over the court. Waste of time.
    3. Almost no feedback from instructors during drills and game situations. At one point there was one instructor in charge of 3 courts; he spent his time sitting in a chair working his cell phone. At one point, I did everything wrong in a volley drill - big backswing, open face, off balance -- and volleyed the ball high on the back fence, but all the instructor said was "good shot." Worthless.
    4. Instructors more focused on baby-sitting and keeping the players occupied for 6 hours than on instruction/coaching. At one point our instructor was behind the court on his cell phone to his boss asking "I've still got an hour to go and don't know what to do with these guys."
    Overall, a very disappointing experience. Learned almost nothing and wasted %250. We could have gained more by booking some court time at our local club and pooling some money to hire our club pro for a few hours. "
    —D.S., Int., January 2010
  • 4-Ball Rating "The Brady Camp is a great camp for every level player. Stroke fundamentals, movement and strategy are all covered and put into practice with great drills and team match play. Perfect for either the beginner and/or seasoned player."—D.A., Adv. Int., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "This camp was wonderful. The coaching was great, and you got to play a lot of tennis against players with many different styles of play. In addition to playing tennis, there were many other fun activities including a beach trip and talent show. Sometimes, though, there were uneven match ups."—S.Y., Adv. Int., April 2009
  • 5-Ball Rating "The Brady Clinic was the best I've been to since Vic Braden's Orange County camp in 1982. The skill of the pros were exceptional. The family approach was warm, friendly and very capable. When I told them that I was headed to eight claycourt USTA tennis tournaments on clay, they allowed me to play exclusively on the two clay courts. It was a fabulous experience, so when they announced the formation of a WTT league, I signed up for what would be my first experience. Its early, but thus far everything, including the Mountaingate Country Club venue has also been impeccable! P.S. the Brady Camp that I attended had no flaws."—M.O., Int., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—C.W., Adv. Int., April 2009
  • 4½-Ball Rating "Really recommend Brady Tennis Camp! Great instructors who make it fun and strive to turn us all into better players. Technical instruction superb - fast paced and didn't want the weekend to end."—G.M., Int., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating ""—D.M., Adv. Int., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "Great work on fundamental skills and more advanced skills. Excellent teaching staff. I have developed my skills and have received many practical tips that have enhanced my game. I have continued to learn by attending several of the Brady Camps over the past ten years. Recently I have been successful in improving my second serve and making adjustments on my backhand."—B.S., Adv., April 2009
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I have had a great time with the Brady family and crew. I've taken three camps and loved them all. Great workout, great pointers from their pros and more tennis then my body can take! Also, met a lot of good people taking the camp as well.
    `We especially love the family camp in Santa Barbara in June. We stay in the dorms, eat the dorm food (much better then when we were in school!) and the location is perfect. Our daughter loves the camp and really enjoys the coaches who are friendly and fun. Though the workouts/drills can be intense- it is intensely fun and has really made me a better player. We have seven more weeks until the Santa Barbara Brady Camp.... can't wait!"
    —R.S., Adv. Int., April 2009
  • 4-Ball Rating "The tennis instruction is very professional and comprehensive. The camp does a good job in paring you up with others who are at a similar level. The camp has also been a good opportunity for my entire family to improve our tennis and have fun together. I love that my daughter can attend the junior camp while my husband and I attend the adult one, and then meet up for meals at the UCSB dorms.
    As far as the dorms go, well... it's what you might expect. One can chose to stay in a hotel but the dorms are very convenient and economical, and the food is plentiful. I am a repeat customer and have recommended the camp to others."
    —D.S., Adv. Int., April 2009
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—J.G., Adv. Int., April 2009

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