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Brady Tennis Camp

Santa Barbara, California

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Here's what others have had to say about Brady Tennis Camp.

  • 3½-Ball Rating ""—W.S., Pro, July 2020
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—M.P., Adv. Int., October 2019
  • 4-Ball Rating "First time to Brady Camp and it was great. Pros were friendly and very knowledgeable. I hope to do it again and bring additional friends."—D.E., Int., October 2019
  • 3½-Ball Rating "I have told my friends that this camp is very grueling and a go-hard work out, and lots of fun if you are in shape. The food is not fantastic but you’re so hungry after the workouts that you gobble it up. You can be roomed with a stranger, so if you are shy it would not work for you. I am not shy and it was great to have a roommate to become friends with. The instructors are awesome, the Brady family. Some of their up-and-coming younger assistants need more experience but they will become awesome in the future With the Bradys guiding them."—L.A., Low Int., September 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Brady Tennis Camps are so much fun. You get high quality instruction for not a lot of money compared to other camps I've researched. The social atmosphere is great too. If you travel by yourself it is easy to make some new friends and have people to hang out with during the week/weekend. The camp venue that I went to (UCSB) is also wonderful. It is a beautiful location with great weather and you really feel like you are having a great tennis vacation. I can't recommend this camp highly enough."—S.N., Int., August 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating ""—D.P., Adv. Int., July 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "All those attending were quite friendly and helpful. It didn't matter where you ended up each day. Almost all the staff, including coaches, were knowledgeable and adapted their instruction to a person's skills or lack thereof. A most enjoyable atmosphere!"—R.J., Int., July 2019
  • 5-Ball Rating "Excellent camp! Great instructors! Dedicated instructors who provided wonderful feedback and tips. Instruction given during drills and during match play to help you improve."—N.R., Int., July 2019
  • 3-Ball Rating "I attended the Adult Tennis Camp run by the Brady family. Instruction was okay for a fairly large group and individual feedback was limited. I might have enjoyed the camp more if it were not for the lodging at the Tropicana Gardens. You get what you pay for and it was your typical dorm setting. There was a concurrent kids tennis camp being run and they unfortunately were staying at the same lodging. As far as I can tell, there was absolutely no supervision of these kid of various ages as they ran and screamed from approximately 5pm till “quite time” which was around 10pm. It was truly an awful experience. After spending an entire day on the courts, you couldn’t even relax due to the excessive screaming. All the children seems to be housed on the second floor with the adult campers on the ground floor. It was a nightmare. So much so, I would never attend this camp again nor as a parent would I feel comfortable sending a kid to stay at this camp."—A.V., Int., July 2019
  • 4-Ball Rating "Excellent camp experience! A friend and I participated in the camp, we are men's 4 to 4.5 level players and we had a wonderful experience. Kip and Kevin do a great job, they make it fun and everybody learns something new. You'll get a good aerobic workout with many of the drills, you get a chance to hit some tennis balls prior to going to the BNP tournament."—M.S., Adv., March 2019
  • 4½-Ball Rating "I attended the Brady Camp during the Indian Wells BNP tournament. The tennis camp runs from 8 am to 11am, and is fantastic! Great instruction and flexibility as well. When camp concludes, its off to watch the best tennis players in the world. What a great combination!"—G.L., Adv. Int., March 2019
  • 4-Ball Rating "Beautiful resort with a great tennis facility. The Brady family runs an extremely fun, challenging and organized weekend with opportunity for tennis players of all levels to improve, be challenged and have fun. We had an absolute blast!"—J.P., Int., October 2018

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(147 Reviewers)
Tennis Overall
4½-Ball Rating Tennis Staff
4½-Ball Rating Instruction
4-Ball Rating
Game Matching
4-Ball Rating Junior Tennis
4½-Ball Rating
2½-Ball Rating Lodging
3-Ball Rating Spa & Fitness
3½-Ball Rating
Dollar Value
4½-Ball Rating Other Recreation
4-Ball Rating Setting
3½-Ball Rating
Kids' Programs
4½-Ball Rating Romance
3½-Ball Rating Solo Travelers
4-Ball Rating


(147 Reviewers)
Tennis Overall
4½-Ball Rating Instruction
4-Ball Rating Cuisine
2½-Ball Rating Dollar Value
4½-Ball Rating Setting
3½-Ball Rating Romance
3½-Ball Rating Kids' Programs
4½-Ball Rating
Tennis Staff
4½-Ball Rating Game Matching
4-Ball Rating Junior Tennis
4½-Ball Rating Lodging
3-Ball Rating Spa & Fitness
3½-Ball Rating Other Recreation
4-Ball Rating Solo Travelers
4-Ball Rating

Rates and Reservations

For information and reservations:

West Coast Tennis
P.O. Box 1527
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Phone: 310-798-0333

Rates include instruction, lodging, and breakfast daily at their Santa Barbara location. See their web site for other dates and locations.

Visit the website for current rates

Brady Tennis Camp
UC-Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA