Terry Kahn Returns To John Newcombe’s Legends Week

E.J. Kahn III

E.J. Kahn III

E.J. “Terry” Kahn III has once again packed his tennis racquets and sense of humor off to the John Newcombe Legends Week in New Braunfels, Texas. As in two previous years, he has been recruited onto Fred Stolle’s Dunnies team?something of a surprise given that Fred Stolle hates to lose and the Dunnies have never won with Kahn on the team. That’s?a record he hopes to reverse.

Ego aside, however,?Kahn’s principal incentive for returning can be traced directly to a new recruit to the Legends coaching staff: Rod Laver, the only man ever to win all four Grand Slam tournaments in the same year not once but?twice. Kahn joins more than 100 other men who have signed on for the five-day?testosterone-fueled festival of tennis, barracking, off-color jokes, and?drinking, led by such legendary players as John Newcombe, Fred Stolle, Roy Emerson, Owen Davidson, and of course Rod Laver. Terry will be filing reports almost daily at Newks Legends 2014

2 thoughts on “Terry Kahn Returns To John Newcombe’s Legends Week

  1. Christopher Busa

    These reports on tennis by Terry Kahn have a delicious immediacy, considering that he profiles the heroes of his youth, when he was a tournament-winning club player, and Laver, Emerson, Newcombe, Drysdale, et al. were the models he then admired. Now, by dint of continuous practice, he can hit with these old guys, but his affection remains youthful and fresh. I loved the bit about Emmo circulating his racket prior to serving, “stirring the porridge” to disguise his “pathetic serve” with a mesmerizing wind-up. Looking forward to Terry’s upcoming reports.

    1. Mark Cripps

      Great articles, Terry. You may remember me from 2012 where I returned for the first time in a while with my dodgy knees and attempted to play a new brand of the sport (hitting without moving). I visited every camp from 1992 through until 2005 while I was a teaching pro back in a junior programme in SW London. I loved all year for the week and was more excited as I travelled from the UK to Texas than at any time when I was a kid awaiting Santa. I learnt so much about the game from the camp and made lifelong friends both in the UK and in the US. Rather like a teenager grounded while all his friends go out, I an now forced to enjoy the camp from afar, as I’ve done this week, through FB and your blog articles which have got the balance just right about how the camp is so many things from effort and enjoyment, buffoonerry and bravado through to humility and hopefully not too much humiliation. It’s a brilliant week run superbly by Steve Contardi who in a brief telephone call just now where he was dropping family of at San Antonio airport, insisted that I attend in 2015. How can I resist?


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