Newk’s Legends 2012

Opening day at Newk's Legends Tennis Camp 2011

A year ago, Fantasy Campers began the week listening to?and videotaping?Owen Davidson’s thoughts on competition, while Newk mocked his yellow sneakers

Last year, E.J. “Terry” Kahn III made his debut as a blogger here by writing about his experiences at the week-long men’s-only tennis fantasy camp held at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas, north of San Antonio. Since then he’s also written about the far more civilized, co-ed week he and his wife Lesley spent at a Roy Emerson Tennis Week in Gstaad, Switzerland. Now, he has once again left Lesley at home and returned to Texas for a second helping of verbal abuse and camaraderie that are the hallmarks of this annual gathering. His writing is always engaging, owing to his sharp eye for detail and sense of humor. Hang on. We’re in for a fun ride.

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About The Author

E.J. Kahn III

E.J. Kahn III

E.J. Kahn III?known to most as Terry?is an author, journalist, and, most recently, communications consultant. He has written Net Results with psychologist Jim Loehr, a book focused on junior tennis parenting and coaching, and co-authored the award-winning autobiography of New York police officer Steven MacDonald. As a consultant, he has worked in Washington and New York with?among others?the Postal Service, Colgate-Palmolive, the State Department, and the City of New York.

He lives with his wife Lesley in Manhattan and is a member of the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills. A former college lacrosse player, he first competed in USTA tournaments in 2009, when he was ranked 10th in the East and 67th nationally in the Men’s 60s.

3 thoughts on “Newk’s Legends 2012

  1. Mickey B

    I will tell you I was in the first group and as I told them, it was the best week of my life without sex. It was much fun and games. Emerson had us drink a Fosters Lager on odd games. I do stand up in NYC and I told some jokes. It was a blast. Have Emmo sing for you. I wish could go again but the stock market does not allow me that luxury any more. Best regards to Steve and all the guys.

  2. Ralph Tissot

    Terry pretty much captured the essence ( FUN ) at Newks. The discussions at dinner were hilarious as was the tennis stories that the legends brought to the table (sic). Especially amusing and entertaining was when Vilas was there; talk about a funny guy.

  3. Uma

    Ah, Terry and Leslie, this class of athletic trvael suits you well. Looks like you are getting what you went for, and I am enjoying your posts, though I got behind due to our trvael out here. Here in Salina, Kansas, hair drier windy and 104 degrees F, things are going well, too. It’s a great place to sweat. Or grow wheat. Classic midwestern town, mansions along main street a little tired, population aging. Farming is no longer a way to get rich.Carolie’s dad, 86, and a former farmer, who made his fortune as an electrician when farmers started putting power into their barns after WWII, got a hip replaced yesterday (surgeon semed too young to drive), and is fine, though not dancing yet. Yep! A long way from Gstaad, but all’s well. Thanks for the adventure! Loved the cow traffic jam!


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